Tuesday, March 1, 2011

box #1

Day one - box one....

A good day. 

The labeling was fairly accurate.  This is what I found today:
a business card holder
books for home and church
3 ring binders
fun pictures - including some of me running the IU Mini a few years back :) and me & my friend jen at on frightening falls at holiday world!
trumpet music - (note to self... get my trumpet out so I'm ready to play at Easter)
my old laptop...not sure why i still carry it around, i should just remove the files i want and be done with it.
beads...like from st. patty's day...and some from Loogootee basketball (gold & black basketballs)
a pile of thin red bracelets from my bachelorette bash in hartford (good times were had by all...especially the pumas)
the cd containing info about the lenten sermon series we did two years ago (The Lenten Road)
and the best part.... a mix tape :) yup, listened to it on the elliptical..(you try writing song titles on a post-it whilst ellipticaling....it apparently was made for working out (?) ...and it was apparently compiled in the mid/late 90's.

Side A-
Everybody Dance Now
Karla with a K (by the Hooters)
All Fired Up (Pat Benatar)
Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
Midnight Hour (Commitments Soundtrack)
Lumberjack Song
Friends in Low Places
Knights of the Round Table
I know what I know
The Spam Song
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Little Miss Can't be Wrong

Side B
Right Here, Right Now
Mustang Sally (Commitments)
Scenes from an Italian restaurant
Two Princes
Fighting on the same side (The Hooters)
Oh, What a night!
Junebug (B-52s)
Destination Anywhere (Commitments)
Face in a Crowd (don't know the artist...but a fun song about being in love....aw....)
Show me your soul
For your love

If you want a copy, send me a tape.

Until the next box...

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