Friday, March 18, 2011

box 18: winter clothes on a 75 degree day

Today's box was full of fleece, hats, scarves, and more fleece vests. 

Today it was an unseasonally 75 degrees. 

All the windows were open as I tried to figure out where to put all the wintery layers. 

Also nicely padded in that box were two memory/photo boxes. 
I tried not to spend all my time looking at these old photos, but one of them (stamped 1977) has me holding a brand new bear puppet.  It's the same bear puppet that I pulled out of a box a few days ago when unpacking stuffed animals.  It looked so's warn with love now.  :) 

In other non-box related news, I had a great ride to a locally owned place for breakfast.  I quite enjoyed the dazed and confused french toast.  It's fruity pebbles french toast, covered in fresh strawberries & bananas.  :)  Super delicious and well worth the bike ride.  This could become staple for my days off in the spring/summer/fall. 

Until the next box . . .

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