Monday, March 21, 2011

box #21: just a few days late

Today's box was two boxes in one...that made me less than happy. 

Luckily, the contents of the smaller box are ready to be dumped in to the catch-all drawer in the kitchen...well, when the kitchen is done, that is. 

Things I found:

St. Patty's Day temporary tattoos. (crap)
Blinking Guinness pin. (double crap)

Several flingable frogs.  (Wonder if there is still one in the amphitheater...)

Several journals . . . semi written in.

Wasabi-ginger dip mix.  (yum)

A Christmas edition of Taste of Home magazine (unopened)

Pencils, pencil holder, lots of pins, both safety and straight. 

Two pictures in frames.  One of me and Grandma Tessie.  Another of me, Krista, Elaine, Dayna and Artea at Krista's 13th birthday party.  Krista and I are in matching outfits...I think we are on our way to a dance. 

And more stuff to hang on the walls...somewhere. 

Until the next box . . .

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