Wednesday, March 16, 2011

box 16: cds and then some . . .

Today was the first box of cds.  My guess is that there is at least one more. 
I decided to make three piles before putting them away:
Pile A: Keepers. 
Pile B: Goodwill.
Pile C: One hit wonders. 

The one hit wonders are those cds that contain one or two songs that I really like...but I wouldn't listen to the whole album.  So on a day when I'm in the mood to listen through some albums, I'll download the songs to keep and add the discs to the goodwill box. 

Until then, this is what the bottom shelf of the new bookcase looks like:

Also in this box were two curtains....also going to goodwill.
Two stickers from Alaska.
A tape of beer drinking songs (thanks Eric & Jen).

And this:

I guess I should hang it up so it's ready when my sister arrives for a visit. 

Until the next box . . .

1 comment:

  1. For those who wanted to know what went in each's a sampling.

    Keepers: Ani Difranco, Indigo Girls, James Taylor, Beastie Boys, Jackopierce, Moxy Fruvious, Sarah Harmer, and lots others...they are all the ones in the picture.

    Goodwill: (includes but not limited to...) Great Expectations soundtrack, Star Wars episode 2: Attack of the Clones soundtrack, New Wave Hits of the 80s (vol. 3), Almost Famous Soundtrack....

    One (or two) hit wonders:
    My Best Friends Wedding Soundtrack - Say a Little Prayer & Wishin' and Hopin'
    Less Than Jake (Losing Streak) - Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore
    Dead Eye Dick (A Different Story) New Age Girl
    There's Something About Mary Soundtrack -Build Me Up Buttercup & Everything Shines
    Len (You Can't Stop the Bum Rush) Steal My Sunshine