Sunday, March 6, 2011

box #6

Small box today.

I had opened a box of books, but then looked at my bookshelves that are already full.  So, I taped that one back up, because there is no need for piles of books to just sit on the floor.  I may have to make a trip to the goodwill furniture shop...with the gently used and or bruised in transit bookshelves :)

So, on to the next box.  Sheets and pillowcases.  Simple to unpack and easy to put on a shelf in a closet.

It think it's fun that I have the following pillowcases:

1) a flower print that goes with a comforter cover....that goes on a feather bed. The feather bed I received from a former parishioner for helping her move.  :)

2) Dory on one side and Nemo on the other...thanks to my sister using it as gift wrap.

3) Veggie tales....handmade from my friend Sonja and my favorite one to use for camp outings and youth retreats.

4) Nothing but penguins.  I think Omi made it for me years and years ago...the sad thing is that I no longer have the matching comforter cover, because that would totally fit on the feather bed.  Which, I forgot to mention, is from another older German lady....oh the people we encounter and how they remind us of others we've connected with...

Until the next box . . .

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