Friday, December 14, 2012

and now we wait some more...

After another follow up appointment at the doctor's office I will not be running for another month (at least).  The good news is that the last two months of rest have shown signs of healing in my tendon.  Now I just have to continue to be patient...easier said than done.  

I am thankful that I am able to swim a few days a week to clear my head, heart and take time to breathe.  I told the doc that was what I missed most about this break from exercise.  Firstly the opportunity to eat like I'm training for a 1/2 marathon...but secondly, I miss that me time to breathe, to clear my head, to pray...and to feel as if I've accomplished something.  I'm sure the natural endorphins (if that's what they're called) are just gravy.  

What I loved about my swim this morning was seeing the community that happens at the pool.  I have done laps at different times of the day depending on the day and the schedule.  But I still see groups having their daily check-ins and friendly conversation.  One woman waved and said hello to me because we shared a lane last week.  The gentleman who took my lane as I left was convinced I was too young to be a pastor.  I thanked the 82 year-old man and headed out on my way.  

I can't imagine how many people are members of the pool, let alone the rest of the fitness facility.  But to see the intimate relationships that are forming in small groups is that reminder that that *is* what people are still seeking: close, face to face relationships.  I love that the opportunities for these small groups are all around, but I love that we can build these within the context of the Body of Christ...especially at Trinity.  

Trinity is a large congregation, but the small groups that crop up through different activities, ministries and opportunities continue to help us make connections to one another and make the Body of Christ visible in our communities.  

May you be refreshed by the small groups that nurture and support you.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Just breathe....

Okay, so Advent is here.
My favorite season and I'm afraid I may miss it. For some reason I'm really struggling with the busyness and just looking for time to breathe.
I have to say part of that may still be because I'm not running. While I am taking time to swim for exercise there is something missing from my mornings around the community. It's time for me to breathe, to pray and to clear my head.
I feel like I keep coming back to this lack of running thing over and over and over again. Somedays I'm feeling okay about waiting and healing, but other days it's a struggle. It makes me worry that I have put too much time into it that is creating such a significant void. But maybe it's because I can't do any weight bearing exercise that I'm really noticing it. In the past I've been able to cross train through injuries...but this one is just rest.
Lesson is not yet learned....but I hope I'm getting there.
I'm taking time to breathe and pray each day....and to focus on others.

Blessings to each of you as we journey to the manger together.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Favorite time of the year...

Happy New Year!  I love Advent.

I love a season that draws us into the now and not yet of God's presence in the world.
Here we are awaiting the celebration of the birth of the Christ child, yet we are called to stay awake and alert and see Emmanuel (God with us) here and now.  I love, too, in the preparation, the time to get the house ready.....the cleaning and the decorating...adding colors and images to highlight the season.

There are stars all over the house, but the ones receiving the most focus are those in a bowl in the middle of my Advent wreath  I painted, cut and labeled them yesterday.

This is the time of year when I reconnect with daily prayer...beginning the day with matins, praying at noon, in the evening hour and closing the day with compline.

Here's to a season that calls us to just slow down: to breathe, to pray, to sit, to see God at work in the midst of the busy world we find ourselves hustling and bustling around in.

May you find that time to do whatever allows you to see more clearly God at work in the world around you.

Until next time . . .