Friday, March 25, 2011

box #25: bag lady potential

Currently listening to Jack Johnson...seeing as I unpacked the In Between Dreams cd yesterday. 

I unpacked a box full of bags today.  From little sassy black purses to duffel bags....with random pouches, sacks and totes in between. 

I have decided, as interesting as it may be, that I do not need a tote bag that holds a picture frame that holds multiple pictures...but this one you can carry with you.  I hadn't put my pictures in, so it still contains the random families and kids that always come in frames.  Straight to goodwill with that one...and a duffel bag that has super long freakishly long handles...I suppose it's a duffel that longs to be a backpack.  Other than that I can take day trips, weekend trips and go out for a night on the town. 

I also found in many bags, several small bottles of hand lotion, chapsticks...and a bottle labeled ibuprofen with three different types of pills.  One was definitely ibuprofen...the other two I'm not certain. The pink ones could be benadryl or pepto...probably best not to figure that luck I'd fall asleep with heartburn....or have an allergy attack...but no gas. 

My afternoon was AMAZING!  A glorious time was had with my good friend Annemarie :)  We talked for hours over Tripels, Cask-conditioned ales, fries, wings & burgers.  After many hours at a table, we mixed it up and moved to the bar. 

She had a much longer drive (thanks for making the trip!!!) so she left after we finished eating the burgers. 

When she left I had one fellow to my left....we chatted a bit.  He is an electrician...likes good beer...didn't really know what to say to a pastor, except to ask about when services were and that he'd been meaning to get back to church.  While off and on chats happened with Gary another fellow walks in and sits down on the empty seat on my other side.  I immediately hone in on the ring finger.  Married.  Sigh. 

But it's alright...I'm enjoying locally brewed, super delicious beer, listening to a local bluegrass style group and catching a bit of March Madness.  Not a bad Friday night.  Then the fellow on my right starts says, oh did you say Lutheran?  What church?  He's Lutheran, too.  We talked about all sorts of things including salad, homebrewing, local bands, other breweries, the art of keeping bees (his wife is a bee keeper - wild right?), england, europe, history, undergrad studies, the louve (he saw it when he did a biking trip around France) church, interns, pastors, Utah, Minnesota, scotch, youth group activities, camp (he's a Nawakwa person), I think that about covers the midst of conversations, I met the wife of one of the fellows in the band and another 'groupie'. 

He's a genuinely nice guy named, yup, Gary.  How is it that I end up between two Garys?  Just weird. 
I get ready to go and ask for my check and ask about getting a six pack to go. 
Gary says, I'll get your tab. 
No you won't, I nearly shout back...not shouting but just with a tone of...don't be silly. 
He said, yes I will.
I said, no, I had a burger and some beers and I'm getting a six pack. 
He said, so, I'm getting two six packs! 
He said, I'm thankful and I appreciate what you do. 

I said, okay and thank you....and thanks again.  

I saw the moment of grace and smiled.  And as I left I laughed in the parking lot...sometimes I forget that this is my life and that I need to get out there and be a part of it, not just watch it pass by.  I am thankful for the time with my friend Am today...I am thankful, too, that I stayed and enjoyed the evening out.  It was good to be with an old friend and good to meet some new people, too.  Not to mention, I'm truly thankful that my meal & drinks were gifted to me....I'm thankful for moments of grace...

Until the next box . . .

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