Tuesday, March 15, 2011

box 15: games & so much more

Today's box was a treat....
I unpacked my games....scene it, catchphrase, craniums of all sorts, cribbage (anyone want to play?) scrabble (now I can put away that U that I found in another box) checkers and many, many decks of cards.  Many of those decks have their own markings on the back (squeak, anyone?..... steph?) 

And then came the pez despensers....this would have been a good time to count them, I suppose...I didn't.  We'll see how long they last in their current location.

It may be creepy watching tv with all those little eyes staring back at me.  I decided to be liturgically correct with my seasonal ones...so no cute little sheep until the season of Easter.   I don't have any Lenten Pez Despeners....and it seemed a bit much to take the ash from the fireplace and mark Mr. Incredible with the sign of the cross for Ash Wednesday...(he would've been the easiest...big forehead and all).

So yeah....that's today's adventure in a box.

I am quite thankful that I didn't have to attend a meeting tonight...sometime mid afternoon a colleague said, "you don't need to be at the meeting tonight."  


Another colleague asked a while later, "So, do you know what you're doing tonight?" 
Yeah, I replied....relaxing at home, cooking dinner...and just enjoying an evening at home.  It is such a joy to unpack a box and blog all before dinner....knowing I can just kick back, eat and enjoy some LOST.  The fire in the fireplace is an extra added bonus. 

So, now for some Indian food....some red wine (hopefully injury free) and some LOST....and the day is complete. 

Thanks for reading.

Until the next box . . .

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