Sunday, March 27, 2011

box #27: the span of my stuff.

What wasn't in this was a total catch all described as resources and memory box. 
Mostly all the contents produced memories of some shape or form. 

I'm thankful I don't have a scanner, because the rest of the night would have been spent scanning pictures from my early days (in the tub) to pictures of me outside of the pez museum in Easton, PA.

There was a mix of interesting things in this box.

And from some group event....wise words from Uncle Steve:

Class notes from Latin American Theology, Greek Intensive and New Testament, many papers...still not sure why I have them, except that it's nice to look back and see that my hard work in seminary did pay off.

I think this is from a Relationships, Marriage and Family Class...something with PCW. 

Piles of postcards...from yard sales and from my bedroom in CT.
The cover for my mission investment fund umbrella that I use fairly regularly, so the case is nice for storage. 
A package of unwrapped paper napkins.... ?
A typed up recipe for Peanut Butter Pie with Oreo Cookie Crust. (yum)

The Reading Phillies Cap I bought while on living in Reading...and being able to walk to the stadium for games.

I'll have to get to a game this season. 

A passport that expired in 2004. The one that took me to England in College. 
Letters and cards from friends in England. 
Leis.  (Aloha)

Celebratory clapper for confirmation:

Remembrances from my trip to El Salvador...I believe this was from one of our final group times together. The stain (if I remember correctly) is from communion wine.  This gives and overview of our experiences, conversations, prayers, concerns and hopes for the the people we met and the Salvadoran people. 

And the folder you may have all been waiting for...notes from seminary classes.  Not the class notes, but the ones we wrote in class.  This folder may call for a post all its own...but to wet your whistle...
the student biographies from 2003, the bulletin from Josh and Tiana's Wedding :), notes back and forth about when we would take our blazers off in Heen's class. 

And quotes from Scott & others written on a napkin.  (I save everything)

"I can lay some pipe." SR

Oh, the memories...

Giving thanks to God for the time we all had with Scott.  This one's for you:
The Pen is

Until the next box . . .

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