Friday, March 4, 2011

a wookie, a penguin and a magic hat.

It’s another box of fun!  You can see the label:

…but that was not completely accurate for it’s contents.
Cat toys and treats
Backpack and a sassy red bag
Number tag from IU mini marathon
Piles of pictures…everything from bop-it in the snack bar at camp (years ago) to Johns Island trip with cool peeps from LTSP, to pictures from Indiana…
More beads…purple, gold and green…purple, gold and gree-e-e-een. 
3 pairs of sunglasses
many many hair ties
scissors, pens and pencils
mobile bike pump and a lock
original cast recording of Annie cassette (I think I'm gonna like it here)
4 different types of chapstick/lip gloss
a star shaped cookie cutter, no doubt packed separately from kitchen stuff because I used it to make star cutouts for my advent devotions last year.
Labels for habanero helly
A pile of coasters from Barley Island Brewery…miss that Dirty Helen on tap :(
More of those red bachelorette bracelets :)
a mother’s day card….let’s see if I remember to send it this year
Easy to unpack a boatload of necklaces…it took at least 3X as long to untangle the necklaces as it did to unpack the entire box.   One of the necklaces is a penguin necklace MSVF made for me in plastics at camp. 
Realizing I need to find a fun way to keep/display my random collection of photos. 
A wookie (not actual size)

Oh, and a magic hat condom…..from my dad. 

Until the next box...

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