Wednesday, March 2, 2011

box #2: derrida & seinfeld

Day 2....
I'm pretty sure someone attempted to open this box before I got to it...

either that or she was sharpening her nails or dulling them?  Why do cats use a scratching post anyway?

This is what I've discovered so far on day two of 31 Days of Unpacking Boxes....I will unpack all these boxes in a month.  My day was pretty packed today, but on a quick break at home, I looked for a small box so I would at least get one done today.  It was a small box of books.  Boxed in CT, moved to IN, and finally resting on a shelf in PA. 

It's a mix from my college years and beyond, I think.  They look happy on the shelf, but I think I'm going to need another bookshelf as this was box 2 of 3 of books alone...and who knows how many of those other boxes that became compilation boxes have some amount of books in them. 

I've got everything from Derrida and Saussure to Cisneros to C.S. Lewis, Faulkner and F. Scott Fitzgerald, a book entitled 'Sex in the Outdoors' a purchase made after some wilderness first aid class at some point, some books that came from a class in college: women in literature coming of age, coming into consciousness (one of my favorite classes)....Not to mention a few journals that all seem to start with entries relating to a relationship ending....hmmm....I'm glad that is no longer my sole motivation for writing.  One journal has addresses of dear friends I met my junior year at college during my year in England (some of whom I'm now friends with on facebook...thanks social networks)

And yes, on that second shelf is a Seinfeld Forever Magazine: a tribute to the entire series.  Good episode recaps, trivia and pictures. (I'm totally keeping that.) 

If you look closely you may see a nose at the top of the picture.  Apparently the cat was checking out how I put the books on the shelf. 

With another long day tomorrow, I anticipate another box of books...that and I know I need to get a dresser before unpacking another box of clothes. 

Until the next box...

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