Wednesday, March 23, 2011

box #23 - ready to work out, almost.

As the work days get fuller...the blogging gets shorter.

Today a list:

Three throw pillows (one from Gretchen) two that match the sofa...there are still two more somewhere...

My art box that has everything from colored pencils, to a half completed friendship bracelet made with embroidery floss to water colors and stamps of cows, bears, and environmental stuff - yet no ink pads :(

The infamous desk lamp that is a pain to pack, but has been sitting on a desk of since high school.  My dad didn't mess around, he bought high quality stuff.

One jump I can get back to the mad skills I had when I was a member of the Vernon Heart Hoppers Jump Rope team in the 4th grade.

A frisbee.

Three elastic exercise bands...bring on the buff biceps...30 days of curls?

Ankle weights.

Two hand pumps for a large exercise ball.

A large (deflated) exercise ball.

Contents not in the box: plug for exercise ball (30 days of abs will have to wait)

Until the next box . . .

1 comment:

  1. I have an extra exercise ball plug. I can bring it on Friday if you want it.