Thursday, March 3, 2011

box #2: books of memories

So today, I filled up another shelf with more books.  No Derrida, but more Fitzgerald, a handbook for Literary Criticism (from my Lit Crit class in of my favorites, no seriously) several other random books. 

 Here's the box:

Similar to yesterday's photo, this also has a bit of cat in it.  As you can tell from the close up of the whiskers. 

There were three good finds in the box of the day. 
#1 a book from my seventh and eighth grade Sunday School teacher.  In the front cover she wrote, "Now you know that God loves you, he's been keeping his promises for 100s of years - so spread that love, you can do it!" a)...I'm pleasantly surprised I still have the book....and took time to open it today.  b) then I had to smile when I realized that what she recommended I do is actually what I do!  Pretty fun, huh?  When I told her about it, she was touched. 

#2 Journal A: Reflections on my first semester in England.  While I haven't read all the entries, some were from England and others while I was in Germany for Christmas.  It should make for some insightful reading.  The front and back inside covers were filled with quotations from English & Canadian friends. 

#3 Journal B: From the time I spent working year round at camp.  An interesting year, to say the least. We'll see how much of that year I'd like to relive...but it had some cards and letters from dear old those will be fun to read. 

Sometimes I am surprised at the things I still have in my possession.  The last few times I've moved, there have been boxes that were not opened...and some of them were gutted and not taken to PA....but at the end of this month, I hope to at least know what all of the stuff is that I brought from Indiana and my other hope is that I have a place to put it all.  I guess I will have enough room for it all...but it may require some creative storage units. 

Until the next box...

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