Tuesday, March 22, 2011

box #22: quiltastic.

I unpacked my quilting supplies today.  :)

Luckily they were in their own plastic bins.  So now they sit in the spare room.  Also in this box were two shells from the first shot gun I ever shot. 

Not really sure how they ended up in there...but they were with a brochure from the Omaha Zoo. 

Now that my quilting stuff is unpacked, I'm rearranging the living room, so I can set up my new quilt frame and perhaps get some work done on that quilt.

Super long day, so there probably won't be any quilting tonight :(  But thankful for a day full of God moments...through meetings, a funeral and gatherings following it....and yes, thankful for a meeting later this evening because relationships are being formed and trust is growing....even after only 2 months...

Until the next box . . .

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