Saturday, March 19, 2011

box 19: framed.

It's been a long day....and now it's time to get ready for worship....whew....

I had She's Crafty by the Beastie Boys stuck in my head all day.  I thought better than to belt it out at the Women's Me Day - a day of crafting and relaxing for the women of the church.  There was quilling, cross stitching, painting of wooden eggs, decorating journals, some quilting, a cake decorating demonstration...and tasty homemade soups for lunch.  A good group of women of all ages floated in and out of the church between 8 and 3. 

My day had the extra additions of a funeral meeting and picking up communion bread from the store...oh, and finishing my sermon. 

But I had talked about bringing my quilt to show people I did...and to my wonderful surprise...there was a quilt frame waiting for me.  Handcrafted by a parishioner for his wife, when she asked for one...and now she doesn't use it at all.  In fact, it just takes up room in their it's a housewarming gift for me :)  I love it!  So, in the midst of everything else today, I quilted two blocks today....I think I will set up the frame in the living room, so I can continue my addition to LOST and work through this quilt. 

So, a woman at church today said...oh, you can count this tote as your box for the day....I love her reasoning.  She's a hoot. 

I did just unpack a box just now.  It's primarily wall hangings, so it was an easy one...since there's a spot on the floor in the spare room that is growing with wall stuff.  I did find a B-Town hoodie, an ulu knife, a book, a throw pillow and a few blankets in there as well.  (Clever packing job on that box.) 

Now, off to worship. 

Until the next box . . .

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