Sunday, March 13, 2011

Box 13

Today's box helped stock the bookshelf I assembled yesterday.  I'm a little worried about the tends to lean a wee bit away from the wall...I'm not sure if it's the quality of said bookshelf or if it's the thick carpet in the spare room.  It came with a bracket and the instructions recommended attaching it to the wall...we'll may be better (safer) to separate the two parts and have two smaller shelves....there's still time to work out all the details.  In the meantime it will gain piles of books and most likely cds... 

So I found more books today....yearbooks from VCMS and RHS.  I, for one, looked pretty goofy in those pre-teen and teen years...but then again I probably still do.  I have photo albums from internship and from my ordination.  I also found more random pictures, I should start a pile somewhere so I can sort them at a later date.

I also found some framed pictures and other wall decorations that have been added to the wall accessory pile :)  That is getting bigger & bigger...hmmmm....

One find of the day was this duck:

I heart Easter. 

I also found a small box of marathon medals . . . I added that to the wall accessory pile.  I'd like to frame/hang them somewhere....

I unpacked post-it notes, pens/pencils, 3 bottles of elmers glue and a roll of duct tape.  I guess I need a desk or a kitchen 'catch all' drawer. 

This was the second find of the day: 

If it looks familiar, YAR! 

Until the next box . . .

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