Thursday, March 17, 2011

box 17: luck o' the irish

More cds....and many cassette tapes.

I think it was a good sign that I found my tossers cd, as it is one of like two Irish cds that I've got. 
This box contained music cds, copies of old files on disc....and some computer games, as well:

Anybody up for some You Don't Know Jack?  (volume 2) 

I did toss come of the cassettes...but held onto some mix tapes, and Rock of the 80s - volume 3.
Containing such hits as...
99 Luftballoons, Talking in Your Sleep, Weird Science, Turning Japanese, Mexican Radio. 

But, the find of the day....a cassette tape.

Recorded live in a truck/booth at the Big E.  I think it was my freshman year in high school.  4 of us sang Johnny B. Goode.  Good times, no pun intended. 

Until the next box . . .

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