Monday, March 28, 2011

box #28: bilingual buffy

A quick blog, because I have found myself blogging way too late for my own good.  Lack of sleep on my part is not good for my colleagues or my health. 

So...tonight's box:

Another bandanna. (i wonder how many i have)

My Wii games: another CSI, all sorts of sports, rock band, jillian michaels workout...slim pickings, no pun intended.

Wii controllers, drum sticks, microphone (sans drum kit that kicked it in Loogootee).

The VHS copy of Girl Fight...I need to borrow a VCR to watch it. 

And my other season of Buffy.

My one and only eBay purchase...because 'once more with feeling' is in season 6.
Too bad it's only compatible on my laptop. 

Here are the episodes:

Until the next box . . .

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