Wednesday, March 9, 2011

box #9

It's snowing!  Well, inside, anyway. 

I unpacked the sno-globes you can tell. 

This is the extent of my collection.  Most of them are from New York...not sure why.  I'm not an avid collector, and I'm not sure I will expand my collection much more because some of the ones I have only have a fraction of the water in them any more.  It could be because they weren't the highest quality snowglobes...most were purchased at rest stops on turnpikes.  A few are glass...and one of my favorites is one from seattle where you have to catch little rings on the space needle.  Yay for the sneedle.  :)

Another favorite one is this one:

It's the Empire State was a gift. When I was teaching at Nute Middle/High School I got to chaperone a trip to New York City.  My group was 4 8th grade boys...who were a hoot!  Anyway, not only did they buy me a plastic skull ring as we were running down the steps of the Empire State Building to catch the bus. At some point along the trip they bought me this.  They knew I liked sno-globes. 

But as I was sorting through these globes most containing very little water...I thought back to the conversation we had on Sunday evening at Fundocy (fun doing confirmation with youth) about needs and wants....what do I really need vs what do I have that I just want....Lent is probably a good time to be going through boxes and sorting through my stuff as I think about a time of repentance...of turning away from myself and towards God.  Taking time to think about the stuff that gets in the way of who God is calling me to be and my relationship with God.  And it's not just the stuff in the boxes, it's the stuff in I carry in my thoughts and's my emotions, it's my focus on's lots of things...I hope that the boxes help me along this journey. 

Until the next box . . .

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