Monday, February 28, 2011

The end of another month.

I did walk outside every day this month :) Some of the walks were shorter than others.....
I am truly looking forward to March.  31 days to play and adventure in the next month. 

This past week when I was getting ready for the company to come install the blinds, I had to move a whole bunch of packed boxes...I jokingly wondered how many boxes I still had to unpack.  Now granted, there are a bunch in the basement with kitchen stuff that won't be unpacked until the kitchen is finished, but not counting those I have 31 boxes to unpack.  Weird, right? 

It should be an interesting month...some boxes will be a mix of all sorts of goodness....others just workout clothes....which I still need to find a dresser for.  So perhaps part of the 31 days will include accessorizing the house with more storage units from fun places like antique shops and goodwill ships. 

I'll keep you posted and maybe even post some pictures and hopefully at the end of the month, the house will be unpacked....

Until next time...

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