Sunday, February 20, 2011

too busy?

So, I was thinking to myself this evening, as I headed to a parishioner's for dinner that I had a pretty productive day...for a Sunday, even.

Both services went well this morning as we welcomed in new members and celebrated a baptism :)  Worship itself was jam packed, but it was still worship.  I'm blessed to hear my colleagues preach!
In between worship, more relationships were built and conversations were had about revamping my kitchen (insert uber-excitement level here).

After worship I enjoyed a very spicy gumbo and some jambalaya as I gathered with some of our youth heading to the national youth gathering in NOLA in July 2012.  I'm very'll be my first National Youth Gathering! :)

I had some down time this afternoon, so I mended the hem in a jumper, did several loads of laundry even made a spinach, feta & mushroom frittata for quick dinners before evening meetings this week.

On my way home from dinner I realized that I hadn't walked today.  drat.  I took the trash out...but that wasn't that far.  Oh well, one down day isn't a bad thing.

I think more importantly is the thought that as I came home from dinner all I wanted to do was put on the fox Sunday cartoon lineup.  Then I remembered that I don't have a cable hook up or dish set up yet.  So I put on the radio, decided to blog, and will curl up with a book before bed.  I've gone a month without tv.  I've been watching movies and shows on dvd, but that's been it.  I'm seriously debating what kind of hook up to get and what I really *need*.

I wonder if with a decent antenna I could get at least local channels on the tv upstairs and perhaps with internet, netflix would suffice through the wii....but once I get to the cable/dish pages...I get overwhelmed....then I want the food network, fx, bravo and the travel channel....but I don't think I need them.  I've been fine this past month without...I think the next 30 days could be an adventure without tv...saying it makes it seem tough...but I've gone the last almost 30 days without.  I watched the superbowl at a party, with the youth group and am working my way through the early seasons of Seinfeld.  This could be my time to actually watch LOST. (I didn't watch it the first time around.)

Who knows...when I've had a heady day at work, or a late day, just vegging is nice, but if I had more access to tv, it would be on much more often.  I've got another week to debate the next 30 days...but what's another month without cable?

Until next time . . .

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