Thursday, February 24, 2011

single much? good friend sent me some articles to muse about today....

This was the first one:
This was the second one:

Please check out both of them...
And now, here's mine:

Out of the two...I like the second article better...reason 7 is the one I like....

Reasons 1-6 probably relate to me in some shape or form...but here's the thing about the first 6. I am convinced that God loves us and created us in God's image, granted, we're not perfect, but nor do I think we need to completely change who we are to be 'marriage material' for someone else. And granted, this is coming from someone who is in a very good place in life right church, new peeps, and new location...lots of new, open doors...but the first 6 reasons seemed to be things that a woman should get over and fix about herself so she's ready to be married. It seems that marriage was the sole 'goal' of that woman. and that worries me too...the willingness to change just about anything about yourself so you don't end up alone.

(Welcome to my soapbox)

At this point....marriage is the last thing on my mind, it only entered it today because I'm meeting with a couple tonight for a pre-marital session and because my friend sent these links, which, by the way, I'm glad she did.)

This is what I shared with my friend Connie, who sent me the links. 

Both are good reads and I think the most important thing to remember is that you and me...we are not either one of these women. We are Connie and we are Jen...we are who God created us to be! Not always single...not always perfect....not always happy :( but always who God created us to be. And maybe I'm overly optimistic...but I love what I do right now, and God's joy is shining forth in my vocation, in my biking, in my trips to the my texts to my friends...and I believe some fella is going to see that joy and want to share it with me...

And in the meantime...I will have the days when I check my cell and think...well, crap, I emailed Phil from Philly 2 days ago and nothing....maybe I wrote the wrong thing....I will check and double check to see if the email went through...I will wonder why I haven't heard from him, then I will criticize myself, and blame myself for something that I typed that clearly gave him reason *not* to email...and then eventually, I will move on...and I will remember that gosh, until he at least meets me....who is he to know who I truly am? So I breathe...and hang with the cat, text my bff Connie to cry, bitch, pray or smile...and continue living.
While I can take some ideas and opinions from others about why I am single...they do not know me, who I am and the life I have lived and continue to live...but God does know me....since I was in my mother's womb...and God continues to be with me...through healthy relationships and unhealthy ones, through marriage and through divorce...ever empowering me to share God's love through the relationships I am a part of for how ever long they last. 

Thanks for reading.
Until next time...

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