Thursday, February 3, 2011

funky connection

This is my post (as well as I can recreate it) from yesterday.  My internet connection had the hiccups and I couldn't even save my blog mid blog.  Oh well. 

Yesterday was a walk in an ice globe.  Everything was shiney, the ground had some slick spots and I met some interesting people.

One woman, who I nearly surprised, because she was shoveling with her back to me...said her day was going well.  She clears the sidewalk in front of many properties...and she was ready for the ice.  She had shoveled well the night before and salted alot!  That made the ice really easy to get off the walks that morning.  She would follow her shoveling with more salt.  She seemed pretty pleased with her work. 

Moving along, I realized that at some points it was safter to walk on the road, facing the traffic rather than risk walking on solid ice.  A woman and her son warned me to be very out for the plows, she said.  I said I would...and I would be careful and move to the sidewalk as soon as it was safe. 

Then I met a man who was not very excited about this winter at all.  'I'm sick of this shit.' he said.  'Last year I lived in a condo and didn't have to worry about shoveling and stuff...and we had like no snow!  This year I move home, and it's rediculous! I'm sick of this! Next year I'm buying snowblower...and then it probably won't snow!'  Best of luck, I said with a smile. 

The rest of the walk was fairy quiet, except for the crackling and falling ice.  Which began to make me flinch as the walk went on for my fear of being hit in the head from ice falling off the wires or trees.  On flinch I nearly had my hands over my head beacuase it was so loud...then I laughed when I realized it was two kids on some sleds....ooops. 

I was well warmed up to de-ice my truck at the end of the walk...which was coated on one side and the top, but not the other...weird. 

Until next time . . .

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