Tuesday, February 8, 2011

stair stepping...

Today's winter walks consisted of multiple sets of stairs.  I had the chance to visit folks in two different hospitals, so I took advantage of using the stairs in the hospitals and parking garages to get a 'walk' in without being blown off the street. 

The wind that was howling this morning, is still going...Blow, Spirit, Blow.

I'm always reminded when running or on a bike how strong the wind is...and as fellow bikers have pointed out, you can't see it coming.  For part of your ride or run, you feel great!  It's like you're unstoppable...having the wind at your back is a powerful thing.
Then you turn a corner and BAM! you can't seem to move forward.  If you are, it's at a much slower pace than the previous leg of your trip.  
When we remember the spirit and winds moving over the waters at creation.  When we think of the wind and flame of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost I can't help but think it's a wind like this.

I'm sure when the Holy Spirit is blowing, it is little like a cool, gentle breeze in the summer time.  I picture it as a gusting, strong force that means business.  And to me, if you're going where the Spirit guides you, it'll be much easier than going against it.  Just try walking into that wind. 

But so often I'm plugging through life forcing myself against the wind, against the Spirit and against my better judgment by trying to do what I think is right.  So many times I think I can handle it...I've got this, I know the right choices because I'm one smart cookie.  But if I'm going against where God is calling me to go....then it is a struggle the whole way.  I don't know why I enter into the struggle, maybe it's a reminder that I'm not in charge.  Maybe I do it just for the challenge. And maybe I do it, because it's who I am, it's who God created me to be...and thanks be to God for being ever so patient with me...watching me get blown off course and waiting for me when I'm going in the right direction again. 

I just hope when it comes to the congregation that I'm going the right way...and encouraging them on the right path...

Until next time . . .

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