Monday, February 7, 2011

salt, light and a cat

So, I will let you know that I have been walking every day.  I should get to bed soon because it's tough to get up in the morning and walk, but I've been doing it.  Had a lovely walk with my mom this weekend as we navigated around icy walkways and roads. 

I even got a walk and a nap in yesterday between church and the youth super bowl party. (win, win, win.)

Yesterday's gospel lesson was about salt and light.  I preached about the use of salt and seasoning our communities...I thought alot about salt this past week with the amount that was heavily sprinkled on the ice all over the sidewalks and roadways.  I was hesitant to use too much on my food today, careful to use just enough to enhance the flavor and not overpower it. 

I shared salted and unsalted pretzels with the kids during the children's sermon yesterday which we snacked on later at the party.  Yum.

With the coming of spring and the changing of the seasons, I'm looking forward to the sun coming up earlier.  With the majority of my bedroom windows on the east side of the house, my room is the first one to get the rays of sun.  Not to mention, it will be easier to get up when it's not darkish out there. 

So, I go home from church yesterday and saw the light on in the basement.  I asked mom and dad about it and they hadn't been down stairs at all.  I opened the door to see the light bulb on....and pull string wrapped around it.  I unwrapped it while Marley was watching and she immediately jumped at the string as soon as it was within her reach.  Apparently, she played with and pulled the string hard enough to turn on the light and to have the pull string wrap around the light bulb. 

I have 'some cat.'  I was wondering if she was letting her light so shine before others that they may see her good works and glorify her father in heaven....or if she just doesn't like how dark the basement can get.  When I was home after the game, she hopped on top of the fridge and knocked down her cat treats.  It's like she owns the place....I wonder if I should submit this to cat fancy or the Lutheran. 

Until next time...

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  1. You were smarter than me for your children's sermon. I ate half a spoonful of salt. I'm still thirsty!

    Also, I'm hoping Marley is very careful with the light string. I'd hate her to get stuck on it!

    Love you!