Tuesday, February 1, 2011

another month, another adventure

Well, February is here...and while I had many suggestions for what to take on for the next 28 days, I didn't settle on anything until this morning. 

Perhaps next month will be 30 days of hulahooping, trampolining, dodge ball, belly dancing, thumbwrestling, origami, or yoga.  For the next 28 days I will be winter walking. 

An idea suggested by a follower of 30 Days of Biking, if he or she could bike 30 days, why couldn't they winter walk for 28 days?  I figured, I need to get out and explore the area and get my heart moving everyday, why not make a commitment to walk everyday in February? 

A few things that don't count:
1) My commute to work.
2) Walking around inside the house. 
3) Taking out the trash.
4) Just walking to the bank/post office/library, because those are places I already walk to. 

Today's walk was a nice one.  When I first headed out there was misty precipitation and almost warm outside.  While we have ice warnings, the snow on the ground wasn't slick yet...and I stayed away from places that were cleared but looked slick.  I did wear my bright yellow raincoat, which I was truly thankful for because at some point in the walk the precip picked up...and then began bouncing off my arms and head.  That's when the slickness picked up. 

I was thankful for the hood, which reminded me of summer.  The sound of little bitty ice bits bouncing off my head sounded like rain on a tent...a very soothing sound for me.  I got to thinking about how when the snow is clear these routes will be great for spring and summer bike rides. 

Here's a pic from today's trek:

It may be nice to see the transition from winter to spring in the pictures this month.  Yet as I look out my window now, I'm a bit worried as to what tomorrow may bring, seeing the trees glisten with ice on their branches...but tomorrow is another day and some sort of walk will ensue. 

Until tomorrow...be safe out there!

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