Thursday, March 31, 2011

box #31: the end.

31 days = 31 boxes. 

Tomorrow I get to tear up the last of the boxes that are filling up the spare room. 

Today's box was a mix of random stuff from envelopes to cd cards and more pictures and oh yeah, more books. 

I now have a pile of books to read:
Including, but not limited to...

Pennsylvania- Off the Beaten Path...a guide to trails and such :)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Book: These Our Actors (something about Willow in a drama class....)

Buffy comic book: Chaos Bleeds- it goes with the video game for the PS2.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home (comic book)

Alias Grace - by Margaret Atwood

The Dante Club - by Matthew Pearl

I'm Ready for my Movie contract - by Darby Conley (It's a Get Fuzzy Book) :)

And this, er, these:

These I will read in order :)  Bottoms up!

No more boxes...I'm totally ready for 30 Days of Biking!  It's round three...and there's still time to sign up:  30 Days of Biking

Thanks for helping me unpack. 

Until tomorrow's ride :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

box #30: slim pickins the beginning of the month, I could look at a pile of boxes, read labels, and decide which box I was in the mood to unpack.  I suppose I shouldn't complain that today I only had two boxes left.  The box I unpacked today was full of wall hangings and accessories....which I had planned on opening last, but the other box is full of random stuff that I'm not sure I have storage space for I'll save that one for tomorrow...when I have more time to think about where to put stuff. 

Marley helped with today's box....

Well, with the filler at least. 

Over the course of the last 30 days, I've found random things that fall into the category of wall hangings/room accessories...chachkies....things that will help a room look like it belongs in my house because it's full of my stuff.  After the last box tomorrow...and the demo of all these empty boxes, I will then think about decorating using the following:

And probably checking out spring yardsales :)

Until the next (last) box . . .

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

box #29: pictures say it better

found another bandanna today. 

this one is blue, yesterday's was green...i know there are red ones and tan ones somewhere, too. 


Also found two vhs I really need to find a vcr to check out what I may have recorded in the 80s/90s.  hmmmm....

Other goodies include Luther's Small Catechism.

I found a stuffed animal lamb that I think used to sit in my crib.  It is a wind up one that plays the Teddy Bears' Picnic song :) 

A smaller box containing nothing but little books of Children's Bible Stories - perfect for the kid's corner in my office :) 

A few photos from England. 

I found the beginnings of a a style that we learned on a trip to Johns Island.

I found proof that you can win those soda bottle top contests:

I found this shirt from the 5th grade.  The cool thing is that other friends of mine still have theirs, too!


Also unpacked is an old school Reading Phillies Cap.  A gift from Richard when I went to Reading for internship.  (game on)

(In other news I realized I just spilled red wine on my off white sweater.  oops.)

I also found a handmade cat pillow:

But wait, there's more:

No seriously....check em out:

Anybody want a cat pillow or two?  They're reversible:

Here's to the end of the cat pillows. 

Until the next box . . .

Monday, March 28, 2011

box #28: bilingual buffy

A quick blog, because I have found myself blogging way too late for my own good.  Lack of sleep on my part is not good for my colleagues or my health. 

So...tonight's box:

Another bandanna. (i wonder how many i have)

My Wii games: another CSI, all sorts of sports, rock band, jillian michaels workout...slim pickings, no pun intended.

Wii controllers, drum sticks, microphone (sans drum kit that kicked it in Loogootee).

The VHS copy of Girl Fight...I need to borrow a VCR to watch it. 

And my other season of Buffy.

My one and only eBay purchase...because 'once more with feeling' is in season 6.
Too bad it's only compatible on my laptop. 

Here are the episodes:

Until the next box . . .

Sunday, March 27, 2011

box #27: the span of my stuff.

What wasn't in this was a total catch all described as resources and memory box. 
Mostly all the contents produced memories of some shape or form. 

I'm thankful I don't have a scanner, because the rest of the night would have been spent scanning pictures from my early days (in the tub) to pictures of me outside of the pez museum in Easton, PA.

There was a mix of interesting things in this box.

And from some group event....wise words from Uncle Steve:

Class notes from Latin American Theology, Greek Intensive and New Testament, many papers...still not sure why I have them, except that it's nice to look back and see that my hard work in seminary did pay off.

I think this is from a Relationships, Marriage and Family Class...something with PCW. 

Piles of postcards...from yard sales and from my bedroom in CT.
The cover for my mission investment fund umbrella that I use fairly regularly, so the case is nice for storage. 
A package of unwrapped paper napkins.... ?
A typed up recipe for Peanut Butter Pie with Oreo Cookie Crust. (yum)

The Reading Phillies Cap I bought while on living in Reading...and being able to walk to the stadium for games.

I'll have to get to a game this season. 

A passport that expired in 2004. The one that took me to England in College. 
Letters and cards from friends in England. 
Leis.  (Aloha)

Celebratory clapper for confirmation:

Remembrances from my trip to El Salvador...I believe this was from one of our final group times together. The stain (if I remember correctly) is from communion wine.  This gives and overview of our experiences, conversations, prayers, concerns and hopes for the the people we met and the Salvadoran people. 

And the folder you may have all been waiting for...notes from seminary classes.  Not the class notes, but the ones we wrote in class.  This folder may call for a post all its own...but to wet your whistle...
the student biographies from 2003, the bulletin from Josh and Tiana's Wedding :), notes back and forth about when we would take our blazers off in Heen's class. 

And quotes from Scott & others written on a napkin.  (I save everything)

"I can lay some pipe." SR

Oh, the memories...

Giving thanks to God for the time we all had with Scott.  This one's for you:
The Pen is

Until the next box . . .

Saturday, March 26, 2011

box 26: electronics and then some...

A quick unpack today...of a box still containing the Wii, and two small boxes, one included info about the elliptical and miscellaneous greeting cards (watch your mail friends...I may actually remember to write these *and* mail them.)

The second of the two boxes included dvds, more cds and tapes.
Creature comforts (the complete second season)
love actually
Shaun of the Dead (you've got some red on you)
run fatboy run

Case for Amanda Lucas cd containing a mix cd called songs of comfort, strength and courage (a good find)
Ruthie Foster - Stages

Spin Doctors: Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Mary Chapin-Carpenter: Come On Come On
The London Symphony Orchestra plays songs of Jethro Tull (case only, it was housing a taped copy of BNL - Maybe you should Drive)
Miscellaneous mixes from camp, college and beyond. (One is a mix tape from a student I had in an 8th grade English class...and by mix it's several songs by ZZ Top, then several songs by Billy Joel, then get the idea.)

Oh, and this finger puppet:

Until the next box . . .

Friday, March 25, 2011

box #25: bag lady potential

Currently listening to Jack Johnson...seeing as I unpacked the In Between Dreams cd yesterday. 

I unpacked a box full of bags today.  From little sassy black purses to duffel bags....with random pouches, sacks and totes in between. 

I have decided, as interesting as it may be, that I do not need a tote bag that holds a picture frame that holds multiple pictures...but this one you can carry with you.  I hadn't put my pictures in, so it still contains the random families and kids that always come in frames.  Straight to goodwill with that one...and a duffel bag that has super long freakishly long handles...I suppose it's a duffel that longs to be a backpack.  Other than that I can take day trips, weekend trips and go out for a night on the town. 

I also found in many bags, several small bottles of hand lotion, chapsticks...and a bottle labeled ibuprofen with three different types of pills.  One was definitely ibuprofen...the other two I'm not certain. The pink ones could be benadryl or pepto...probably best not to figure that luck I'd fall asleep with heartburn....or have an allergy attack...but no gas. 

My afternoon was AMAZING!  A glorious time was had with my good friend Annemarie :)  We talked for hours over Tripels, Cask-conditioned ales, fries, wings & burgers.  After many hours at a table, we mixed it up and moved to the bar. 

She had a much longer drive (thanks for making the trip!!!) so she left after we finished eating the burgers. 

When she left I had one fellow to my left....we chatted a bit.  He is an electrician...likes good beer...didn't really know what to say to a pastor, except to ask about when services were and that he'd been meaning to get back to church.  While off and on chats happened with Gary another fellow walks in and sits down on the empty seat on my other side.  I immediately hone in on the ring finger.  Married.  Sigh. 

But it's alright...I'm enjoying locally brewed, super delicious beer, listening to a local bluegrass style group and catching a bit of March Madness.  Not a bad Friday night.  Then the fellow on my right starts says, oh did you say Lutheran?  What church?  He's Lutheran, too.  We talked about all sorts of things including salad, homebrewing, local bands, other breweries, the art of keeping bees (his wife is a bee keeper - wild right?), england, europe, history, undergrad studies, the louve (he saw it when he did a biking trip around France) church, interns, pastors, Utah, Minnesota, scotch, youth group activities, camp (he's a Nawakwa person), I think that about covers the midst of conversations, I met the wife of one of the fellows in the band and another 'groupie'. 

He's a genuinely nice guy named, yup, Gary.  How is it that I end up between two Garys?  Just weird. 
I get ready to go and ask for my check and ask about getting a six pack to go. 
Gary says, I'll get your tab. 
No you won't, I nearly shout back...not shouting but just with a tone of...don't be silly. 
He said, yes I will.
I said, no, I had a burger and some beers and I'm getting a six pack. 
He said, so, I'm getting two six packs! 
He said, I'm thankful and I appreciate what you do. 

I said, okay and thank you....and thanks again.  

I saw the moment of grace and smiled.  And as I left I laughed in the parking lot...sometimes I forget that this is my life and that I need to get out there and be a part of it, not just watch it pass by.  I am thankful for the time with my friend Am today...I am thankful, too, that I stayed and enjoyed the evening out.  It was good to be with an old friend and good to meet some new people, too.  Not to mention, I'm truly thankful that my meal & drinks were gifted to me....I'm thankful for moments of grace...

Until the next box . . .

Thursday, March 24, 2011

#24 - pillows, thrown.

I can't tell you how excited I was/am to tackle today's box. 

I went for one that's been hiding in the closet in the spare room.  It was opened already, which is okay, because all that I had taken out (in January) was my stereo. 

Needless to say, I found the other two throw pillows for the sofa/love seat. 

I also found the throw pillow that matches the quilt I received from the quilting group at First Lutheran.  That now sits on the window seat in the guest bedroom. 

I also pulled out a maroon (or crimson if you're a hoosier) fleece blanket.  One more reason to curl up and nap this afternoon :) 

And 7 cds. 

One for Goodwill: Joyful Holidays (from the lovely folks at Century 21)

Six to keep:
Paul Simon - Beautiful
Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
Shawn Colvin - Steady On
Nickle Creek - Nickle Creek
Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales
Other Bitchin' songs (part 2) - the second in a great mix/compilation from my friend Amanda...disc one played on as I tackled a rougher box this month...

These are cds that were in the wood room in my last house.  The room that housed the quilt frame on loan from the church.  So with some extra time before tonight's meeting...and a clean living room I'm setting up that frame, popping on a quilt and getting ready for the last episode in Season 4 of LOST. 

Ready for a good night...

Until the next box . . . (can you believe there are only 7 left?) 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

box #23 - ready to work out, almost.

As the work days get fuller...the blogging gets shorter.

Today a list:

Three throw pillows (one from Gretchen) two that match the sofa...there are still two more somewhere...

My art box that has everything from colored pencils, to a half completed friendship bracelet made with embroidery floss to water colors and stamps of cows, bears, and environmental stuff - yet no ink pads :(

The infamous desk lamp that is a pain to pack, but has been sitting on a desk of since high school.  My dad didn't mess around, he bought high quality stuff.

One jump I can get back to the mad skills I had when I was a member of the Vernon Heart Hoppers Jump Rope team in the 4th grade.

A frisbee.

Three elastic exercise bands...bring on the buff biceps...30 days of curls?

Ankle weights.

Two hand pumps for a large exercise ball.

A large (deflated) exercise ball.

Contents not in the box: plug for exercise ball (30 days of abs will have to wait)

Until the next box . . .

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

box #22: quiltastic.

I unpacked my quilting supplies today.  :)

Luckily they were in their own plastic bins.  So now they sit in the spare room.  Also in this box were two shells from the first shot gun I ever shot. 

Not really sure how they ended up in there...but they were with a brochure from the Omaha Zoo. 

Now that my quilting stuff is unpacked, I'm rearranging the living room, so I can set up my new quilt frame and perhaps get some work done on that quilt.

Super long day, so there probably won't be any quilting tonight :(  But thankful for a day full of God moments...through meetings, a funeral and gatherings following it....and yes, thankful for a meeting later this evening because relationships are being formed and trust is growing....even after only 2 months...

Until the next box . . .

Monday, March 21, 2011

box #21: just a few days late

Today's box was two boxes in one...that made me less than happy. 

Luckily, the contents of the smaller box are ready to be dumped in to the catch-all drawer in the kitchen...well, when the kitchen is done, that is. 

Things I found:

St. Patty's Day temporary tattoos. (crap)
Blinking Guinness pin. (double crap)

Several flingable frogs.  (Wonder if there is still one in the amphitheater...)

Several journals . . . semi written in.

Wasabi-ginger dip mix.  (yum)

A Christmas edition of Taste of Home magazine (unopened)

Pencils, pencil holder, lots of pins, both safety and straight. 

Two pictures in frames.  One of me and Grandma Tessie.  Another of me, Krista, Elaine, Dayna and Artea at Krista's 13th birthday party.  Krista and I are in matching outfits...I think we are on our way to a dance. 

And more stuff to hang on the walls...somewhere. 

Until the next box . . .

Sunday, March 20, 2011

box #20: escaping the past?

I opened a beer.

(sighed at the thought of unpacking a box today.)

I opened a box.


I started a fire. 

I inserted a mix cd from a friend labeled 'other bitchin songs' (part 1).

The box was labeled memory boxes...memories, yes, boxes no.  A pile of photos, cards, extra invitations, album from a shower, a wedding bulletin...

This was the box I had been dreading.  As I packed up things in Indiana...I wasn't sure how I felt about wedding stuff.  I mean I have boxes full of photos...that just sit there, in the boxes.  Do I want more?  I definitely won't forget that I was married.  That's for do I keep stuff from that day?  Do I get rid of it?  Ugh.  When I was packing stuff up, my dear friend Nan said, you don't need to decide now...label it memory boxes and make those decisions another day. 

Well, Nan, I guess today is the day. 

I will carry the memories of that day and my marriage and divorce with me where ever I go.  My past experiences have shaped who I am today.  I will not forget my past, but I also don't need to keep everything related to my past. 

Tears were shed as I dug through that box.  I still have the cross stitch that my mom made for the occasion.  I found smiles and laughter as I saw faces of friends and loved ones who still love me, even in the midst of me learning about love and life.  I saw moments with friends full of laughter and joy.  I thank God for those moments and those people.  Those pictures have gone into a new memory box.  I hope to send notes/cards and those photos to those people as they bring joy to my life here and now. 
Other photos have danced in the flames of the fireplace...and memories have turned to ash. 

I can't imagine seeking solace through the characters of LOST tonight.  My own thoughts, memories and prayers are enough for today.  Thinking about how different my life is now...from what it once was.  Breathing deeply...and bracing myself for whatever the next step may be.  Knowing that I would like to be in relationship with someone, but not needing to be...just thinking I truly enjoy my vocation and my life right now....and I'm just waiting for the right person to come along with whom I can share this joy.  

Until that person comes along, I celebrate the me who God created me to be.  I know that who I am today is from all the experiences in my past...good and bad...I'm also thankful for family and friends that God has brought into my life to be with me through all those times. 

Thanks y'all...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

box 19: framed.

It's been a long day....and now it's time to get ready for worship....whew....

I had She's Crafty by the Beastie Boys stuck in my head all day.  I thought better than to belt it out at the Women's Me Day - a day of crafting and relaxing for the women of the church.  There was quilling, cross stitching, painting of wooden eggs, decorating journals, some quilting, a cake decorating demonstration...and tasty homemade soups for lunch.  A good group of women of all ages floated in and out of the church between 8 and 3. 

My day had the extra additions of a funeral meeting and picking up communion bread from the store...oh, and finishing my sermon. 

But I had talked about bringing my quilt to show people I did...and to my wonderful surprise...there was a quilt frame waiting for me.  Handcrafted by a parishioner for his wife, when she asked for one...and now she doesn't use it at all.  In fact, it just takes up room in their it's a housewarming gift for me :)  I love it!  So, in the midst of everything else today, I quilted two blocks today....I think I will set up the frame in the living room, so I can continue my addition to LOST and work through this quilt. 

So, a woman at church today said...oh, you can count this tote as your box for the day....I love her reasoning.  She's a hoot. 

I did just unpack a box just now.  It's primarily wall hangings, so it was an easy one...since there's a spot on the floor in the spare room that is growing with wall stuff.  I did find a B-Town hoodie, an ulu knife, a book, a throw pillow and a few blankets in there as well.  (Clever packing job on that box.) 

Now, off to worship. 

Until the next box . . .

Friday, March 18, 2011

box 18: winter clothes on a 75 degree day

Today's box was full of fleece, hats, scarves, and more fleece vests. 

Today it was an unseasonally 75 degrees. 

All the windows were open as I tried to figure out where to put all the wintery layers. 

Also nicely padded in that box were two memory/photo boxes. 
I tried not to spend all my time looking at these old photos, but one of them (stamped 1977) has me holding a brand new bear puppet.  It's the same bear puppet that I pulled out of a box a few days ago when unpacking stuffed animals.  It looked so's warn with love now.  :) 

In other non-box related news, I had a great ride to a locally owned place for breakfast.  I quite enjoyed the dazed and confused french toast.  It's fruity pebbles french toast, covered in fresh strawberries & bananas.  :)  Super delicious and well worth the bike ride.  This could become staple for my days off in the spring/summer/fall. 

Until the next box . . .

Thursday, March 17, 2011

box 17: luck o' the irish

More cds....and many cassette tapes.

I think it was a good sign that I found my tossers cd, as it is one of like two Irish cds that I've got. 
This box contained music cds, copies of old files on disc....and some computer games, as well:

Anybody up for some You Don't Know Jack?  (volume 2) 

I did toss come of the cassettes...but held onto some mix tapes, and Rock of the 80s - volume 3.
Containing such hits as...
99 Luftballoons, Talking in Your Sleep, Weird Science, Turning Japanese, Mexican Radio. 

But, the find of the day....a cassette tape.

Recorded live in a truck/booth at the Big E.  I think it was my freshman year in high school.  4 of us sang Johnny B. Goode.  Good times, no pun intended. 

Until the next box . . .

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

box 16: cds and then some . . .

Today was the first box of cds.  My guess is that there is at least one more. 
I decided to make three piles before putting them away:
Pile A: Keepers. 
Pile B: Goodwill.
Pile C: One hit wonders. 

The one hit wonders are those cds that contain one or two songs that I really like...but I wouldn't listen to the whole album.  So on a day when I'm in the mood to listen through some albums, I'll download the songs to keep and add the discs to the goodwill box. 

Until then, this is what the bottom shelf of the new bookcase looks like:

Also in this box were two curtains....also going to goodwill.
Two stickers from Alaska.
A tape of beer drinking songs (thanks Eric & Jen).

And this:

I guess I should hang it up so it's ready when my sister arrives for a visit. 

Until the next box . . .

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

box 15: games & so much more

Today's box was a treat....
I unpacked my games....scene it, catchphrase, craniums of all sorts, cribbage (anyone want to play?) scrabble (now I can put away that U that I found in another box) checkers and many, many decks of cards.  Many of those decks have their own markings on the back (squeak, anyone?..... steph?) 

And then came the pez despensers....this would have been a good time to count them, I suppose...I didn't.  We'll see how long they last in their current location.

It may be creepy watching tv with all those little eyes staring back at me.  I decided to be liturgically correct with my seasonal no cute little sheep until the season of Easter.   I don't have any Lenten Pez Despeners....and it seemed a bit much to take the ash from the fireplace and mark Mr. Incredible with the sign of the cross for Ash Wednesday...(he would've been the easiest...big forehead and all).

So yeah....that's today's adventure in a box.

I am quite thankful that I didn't have to attend a meeting tonight...sometime mid afternoon a colleague said, "you don't need to be at the meeting tonight."  


Another colleague asked a while later, "So, do you know what you're doing tonight?" 
Yeah, I replied....relaxing at home, cooking dinner...and just enjoying an evening at home.  It is such a joy to unpack a box and blog all before dinner....knowing I can just kick back, eat and enjoy some LOST.  The fire in the fireplace is an extra added bonus. 

So, now for some Indian food....some red wine (hopefully injury free) and some LOST....and the day is complete. 

Thanks for reading.

Until the next box . . .

Monday, March 14, 2011


I opened another box today...and in honor of pi day, I had hoped for pie in some shape or form.  But since this box was packed back in January, it's probably better that it contained no pie.  Lucky for me at our staff and parish council dinner last night I did have some pie :)  It was apple, cream cheese pie....yup, thinly sliced apples, with dollops of cream cheese hidden inside...topped with a brown sugar/butter/cinnamon delicious. 

Today's box was labeled sno-globes.  I did find some in there....under directions fro the deep crust pizza pan* (pan not unpacked yet), The Ultimate Gullah Cookbook (hush puppies anyone?) and a stack of photocopies recipes from the Tao of Cooking which include a tasty white bean dip....which I can't wait to make again...and a recipe for honey yogurt pie.  Which looks super delicious...maybe one month I'll have to do 30 days of desserts.....

Sno-globes are from Iowa, Philadelphia (who doesn't love the liberty bell in the snow?), the United Nations, and one from Pennsylvania....which has lots of snow, but no water.  The poor snow, it just sits there...

More globes on the shelf right above the cookbooks and the recipes :) 

Until the next box . . .

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Box 13

Today's box helped stock the bookshelf I assembled yesterday.  I'm a little worried about the tends to lean a wee bit away from the wall...I'm not sure if it's the quality of said bookshelf or if it's the thick carpet in the spare room.  It came with a bracket and the instructions recommended attaching it to the wall...we'll may be better (safer) to separate the two parts and have two smaller shelves....there's still time to work out all the details.  In the meantime it will gain piles of books and most likely cds... 

So I found more books today....yearbooks from VCMS and RHS.  I, for one, looked pretty goofy in those pre-teen and teen years...but then again I probably still do.  I have photo albums from internship and from my ordination.  I also found more random pictures, I should start a pile somewhere so I can sort them at a later date.

I also found some framed pictures and other wall decorations that have been added to the wall accessory pile :)  That is getting bigger & bigger...hmmmm....

One find of the day was this duck:

I heart Easter. 

I also found a small box of marathon medals . . . I added that to the wall accessory pile.  I'd like to frame/hang them somewhere....

I unpacked post-it notes, pens/pencils, 3 bottles of elmers glue and a roll of duct tape.  I guess I need a desk or a kitchen 'catch all' drawer. 

This was the second find of the day: 

If it looks familiar, YAR! 

Until the next box . . .

Saturday, March 12, 2011

box 12

What. a. day. 

I had fun at two goodwill shops.  At the first one I got a bookshelf for $15.  I had to assemble it myself...which took longer than expected, but that's okay.  Apparently at this goodwill they get products that have been bumped or bruised in it was a brand you'd get at target, but for much less. 

At the next shop I increased my vinyl collection with the soundtrack to The Sound of Music and The Graduate.  And Simon and Garfunkel in Central Park...on two albums.  I also got a fireplace tool set.  (No more reaching into the fire with my bare hands.)

After worship tonight, I started assembling the book shelf, which took a while, but I enjoyed the St. Patty's show on Prairie Home Companion.  When I finished, I thought a nice glass of red wine would be good as I unpacked a box of books.  I set the glass on the bathroom counter and the rest is a blur.  Somehow I gracefully knocked it over and got a good gash on my finger in the process.  (It's throbbing as I type.) So, after three overlapped bandaids, sweeping, vacuuming and swiffing the bathroom floor and walls....I started a load of laundry to see if the blood & wine will come out of that towel.

I did get that box of books unpacked and found some books from my childhood that come with 45s.  (all in all a good record day.)  I'm thankful that my dinner was takeout from the farmer's market.  I'm sad, though that the wine glass was my red wine IU glass....pooey. 

I'll have to add pictures of the bookshelf tomorrow, as it is in a room with no central lighting ;) 

Until the next box . . .

Friday, March 11, 2011

box 11

With a little rearranging in the bedroom, I found space to put the contents of yet another box. 

Today's box was one that has been in open for a while in my bedroom and if a box could throw up, this would be the box to do it....I've been diving in, digging through and leaving things half in/half out/half spewed across the room. 

The boxes contents?  T-shirts and work out clothes.  I've taken to using (and not in a place to hang clothes way) my elliptical machine.  An episode of LOST makes 45 minutes go much quicker than a mix from the early 1990s.  (Sorry Pat Benetar and others...)  With the increased cardio activity, I've needed to find more workout clothes...they've been right here the whole time, now it's time to use them. 

From this box I have discovered/remembered:

1) Among others, I ran the Philadelphia, Hartford and Seattle 1/2 marathons.

2) I've spent many, many summers working at Calumet Urban Day Camps.

3) I'm thankful for all the workout garb (hand me overs) from Gretchen.  And I miss walking with her. 

4) Perfect time of the year/month to find my Guinness T-shirt...which, by the way, I got for free at the 1/2 Door in Hartford on St. Patty's day a few years back for doing an Irish Jig.  (I did not tell the promo ladies that I was German.)

5) Some T-shirts can be turned into rags. 

6) Some other T-shirts can be packed in 'summer stuff' boxes...and sorted at a later time. 

7) I miss falafels from Mamouns in New Haven. 

Until the next box . . .

Thursday, March 10, 2011

box 10.......already?

10 boxes down....21 to go! 

Today's box was an interesting mix:

A wedding gift that is nearly completed that is looooooooooong overdue.

Some more boxes of earrings, bracelets and necklaces....I forgot that I owned bracelets.

A VHS of and LTSP fastnacht skit.....who doesn't love celebrity jeopardy? 

There were several sets of curtains that were used to wrap different sets of wall accessories. 

The curtains are going to goodwill. 

The wall hangings are sitting on the floor in the porch room next to my other wall accessories...
I'm not the best at interior decorating, so I figured I should at least get all my wall stuff in one place before I start hanging it up around the know, putting nail holes in the newly painted walls and such and then finding something else I'd rather hang up there...

Anybody want to visit when all the boxes are unpacked and help me decorate? 

Until the next box . . .

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

box #9

It's snowing!  Well, inside, anyway. 

I unpacked the sno-globes you can tell. 

This is the extent of my collection.  Most of them are from New York...not sure why.  I'm not an avid collector, and I'm not sure I will expand my collection much more because some of the ones I have only have a fraction of the water in them any more.  It could be because they weren't the highest quality snowglobes...most were purchased at rest stops on turnpikes.  A few are glass...and one of my favorites is one from seattle where you have to catch little rings on the space needle.  Yay for the sneedle.  :)

Another favorite one is this one:

It's the Empire State was a gift. When I was teaching at Nute Middle/High School I got to chaperone a trip to New York City.  My group was 4 8th grade boys...who were a hoot!  Anyway, not only did they buy me a plastic skull ring as we were running down the steps of the Empire State Building to catch the bus. At some point along the trip they bought me this.  They knew I liked sno-globes. 

But as I was sorting through these globes most containing very little water...I thought back to the conversation we had on Sunday evening at Fundocy (fun doing confirmation with youth) about needs and wants....what do I really need vs what do I have that I just want....Lent is probably a good time to be going through boxes and sorting through my stuff as I think about a time of repentance...of turning away from myself and towards God.  Taking time to think about the stuff that gets in the way of who God is calling me to be and my relationship with God.  And it's not just the stuff in the boxes, it's the stuff in I carry in my thoughts and's my emotions, it's my focus on's lots of things...I hope that the boxes help me along this journey. 

Until the next box . . .

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

box #8 - animals, stuffed.

So today, after tasty pancakes and really yummy sausage....I tackled yet another box. 

This one was labeled stuffed animals, but not really ones, the cute ones. 

I've spent time surrounded by actual stuffed animals...and while they are okay in a museum, I don't think I would want a bunch of them in my home. 

Today's unpacking was short and it was followed by packing.  I know, it's not supposed to be 30 days of unpacking, then packing back up again, but I'm also in the process of thinning stuff out and packing boxes for goodwill.  Half of the critters in my box today have been with me for either a long time, like my kanga and baby roo and my bear puppet who have traveled from their original home in CT...across the states to IN and now to PA.  And the penguin with ice skates. 

The other animals in the box were gifts from my now ex-husband.  Part of unpacking boxes will mean going through things that I have packed away because I wasn't sure what to do with them.  Isn't it easier sometimes to keep things in a box, to store things away, to not have to think about them and what they remind you of....whether those memories are good or bad...sometimes it's just easier to put it away...out of sight, out of mind.

So today I unpacked some memories....and have decided there are some things that I do not need to keep.  Something tells me this isn't the only box with memories...and that some of them will be more difficult than this one.  

Until the next box . . .

Monday, March 7, 2011

box #7 - christmas in march.

Today I'm thankful for the simple pleasures....

The day beginning and the ability to get up out of bed and hit elliptical before a 12 hour day at work...even though that meant before 7am!  Which is early for a pastor on a Monday morning. 

I'm thankful...

that I washed my dishes before leaving for work this morning. 

for the God's presence at Bible study through the group of friendly, loving folks in attendance.  Loving and supporting a man who lost his wife last week. 

for dippy eggs.

for the opportunity to laugh and bond with colleagues in ministry.

for homemade jelly on my pb&j.

for 5th & 6th graders who thoroughly enjoyed making playdough.

for homemade soup, sweet potato fries, and a no sugar, yet super tasty dessert!

for enthusiasm for evangelism.

for a cat who likes to play after being alone all day. 

for an empty sink when I came home from work.

for a box #7 a box labeled "christmas 2 of 2" which just needed to be moved into the attic for storage...not unpacked, but out of the spare room and into it's proper place.  

for the chance to watch LOST and break down 6 previously emptied boxes for recycling this week:

for warm blankets and hot cups of tea.

for thin mints.

for a helper around the house:

for friends far and near.

for a warm house and a comfy bed. 

for the blessings and challenges of this day and whatever tomorrow brings. 

Until the next box . . .

Sunday, March 6, 2011

box #6

Small box today.

I had opened a box of books, but then looked at my bookshelves that are already full.  So, I taped that one back up, because there is no need for piles of books to just sit on the floor.  I may have to make a trip to the goodwill furniture shop...with the gently used and or bruised in transit bookshelves :)

So, on to the next box.  Sheets and pillowcases.  Simple to unpack and easy to put on a shelf in a closet.

It think it's fun that I have the following pillowcases:

1) a flower print that goes with a comforter cover....that goes on a feather bed. The feather bed I received from a former parishioner for helping her move.  :)

2) Dory on one side and Nemo on the other...thanks to my sister using it as gift wrap.

3) Veggie tales....handmade from my friend Sonja and my favorite one to use for camp outings and youth retreats.

4) Nothing but penguins.  I think Omi made it for me years and years ago...the sad thing is that I no longer have the matching comforter cover, because that would totally fit on the feather bed.  Which, I forgot to mention, is from another older German lady....oh the people we encounter and how they remind us of others we've connected with...

Until the next box . . .

Saturday, March 5, 2011

box #5

Let your light so shine before others, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.  (Matthew 5:16)

I've become addicted to LOST.  Started watching season one on dvd this past month...and I'm halfway through season two (thanks to the local library) and it just keeps getting better and better.  I just finished the episode entitled Fire and Water....having to do with one person on the island seriously insisting that the baby be baptized....whilst watching the episode, I opened the following box.

As part of the rite of baptism, after the person has been baptized and marked with the sign of the cross, he or she (or the sponsor, if it's an infant) receives a candle...and is reminded to let their light shine before others.  I like that I opened the box of miscellaneous candle holders while watching this episode.  Some are the witches hat and jack-o-lantern holders for halloween...but others bring back different memories.   The crystal one was an ordination gift from a woman I have known a while through camp and church activities in Connecticut.  Another is one for a candle and scented wax, a gift of sorts from a friend who was thinning out her reminds me of Gretchen.

Others are simple holders for votives that I purchased about two years ago when I moved into my last house.  It was a surprise move, of sorts, as I hadn't planned on moving out and subsequently going through a divorce, but the congregation I formally served loved me and cared for me when I needed it.  When the weather warmed up and my stuff was finally moved in, I hosted an open house/house blessing....with candles in every room, I invited my friends and folks from church to see the house, walk around to different rooms and read scripture and bless the house and my time in it.

I have many scripture passages that I could say are my favorite, but John 1:5 always stands out for me...The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot comprehend it.  There is something about even the tiniest spark can be seen across a darkened room.  The light of Christ that shines within us helps to illuminate our lives and the lives of people with whom we live in community.  Whatever our words or our actions, they can either enlighten or darken the world around us...I would lean towards lighting the world, but I know I have those days when my words and actions bring darkness instead of light.  But the light sure does feel better...

I guess I will go place these votive holders around the house in preparation for the blessing of this house...and the constant reminder of Christ's light.

Until the next box . . .

Friday, March 4, 2011

a wookie, a penguin and a magic hat.

It’s another box of fun!  You can see the label:

…but that was not completely accurate for it’s contents.
Cat toys and treats
Backpack and a sassy red bag
Number tag from IU mini marathon
Piles of pictures…everything from bop-it in the snack bar at camp (years ago) to Johns Island trip with cool peeps from LTSP, to pictures from Indiana…
More beads…purple, gold and green…purple, gold and gree-e-e-een. 
3 pairs of sunglasses
many many hair ties
scissors, pens and pencils
mobile bike pump and a lock
original cast recording of Annie cassette (I think I'm gonna like it here)
4 different types of chapstick/lip gloss
a star shaped cookie cutter, no doubt packed separately from kitchen stuff because I used it to make star cutouts for my advent devotions last year.
Labels for habanero helly
A pile of coasters from Barley Island Brewery…miss that Dirty Helen on tap :(
More of those red bachelorette bracelets :)
a mother’s day card….let’s see if I remember to send it this year
Easy to unpack a boatload of necklaces…it took at least 3X as long to untangle the necklaces as it did to unpack the entire box.   One of the necklaces is a penguin necklace MSVF made for me in plastics at camp. 
Realizing I need to find a fun way to keep/display my random collection of photos. 
A wookie (not actual size)

Oh, and a magic hat condom…..from my dad. 

Until the next box...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

box #2: books of memories

So today, I filled up another shelf with more books.  No Derrida, but more Fitzgerald, a handbook for Literary Criticism (from my Lit Crit class in of my favorites, no seriously) several other random books. 

 Here's the box:

Similar to yesterday's photo, this also has a bit of cat in it.  As you can tell from the close up of the whiskers. 

There were three good finds in the box of the day. 
#1 a book from my seventh and eighth grade Sunday School teacher.  In the front cover she wrote, "Now you know that God loves you, he's been keeping his promises for 100s of years - so spread that love, you can do it!" a)...I'm pleasantly surprised I still have the book....and took time to open it today.  b) then I had to smile when I realized that what she recommended I do is actually what I do!  Pretty fun, huh?  When I told her about it, she was touched. 

#2 Journal A: Reflections on my first semester in England.  While I haven't read all the entries, some were from England and others while I was in Germany for Christmas.  It should make for some insightful reading.  The front and back inside covers were filled with quotations from English & Canadian friends. 

#3 Journal B: From the time I spent working year round at camp.  An interesting year, to say the least. We'll see how much of that year I'd like to relive...but it had some cards and letters from dear old those will be fun to read. 

Sometimes I am surprised at the things I still have in my possession.  The last few times I've moved, there have been boxes that were not opened...and some of them were gutted and not taken to PA....but at the end of this month, I hope to at least know what all of the stuff is that I brought from Indiana and my other hope is that I have a place to put it all.  I guess I will have enough room for it all...but it may require some creative storage units. 

Until the next box...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

box #2: derrida & seinfeld

Day 2....
I'm pretty sure someone attempted to open this box before I got to it...

either that or she was sharpening her nails or dulling them?  Why do cats use a scratching post anyway?

This is what I've discovered so far on day two of 31 Days of Unpacking Boxes....I will unpack all these boxes in a month.  My day was pretty packed today, but on a quick break at home, I looked for a small box so I would at least get one done today.  It was a small box of books.  Boxed in CT, moved to IN, and finally resting on a shelf in PA. 

It's a mix from my college years and beyond, I think.  They look happy on the shelf, but I think I'm going to need another bookshelf as this was box 2 of 3 of books alone...and who knows how many of those other boxes that became compilation boxes have some amount of books in them. 

I've got everything from Derrida and Saussure to Cisneros to C.S. Lewis, Faulkner and F. Scott Fitzgerald, a book entitled 'Sex in the Outdoors' a purchase made after some wilderness first aid class at some point, some books that came from a class in college: women in literature coming of age, coming into consciousness (one of my favorite classes)....Not to mention a few journals that all seem to start with entries relating to a relationship ending....hmmm....I'm glad that is no longer my sole motivation for writing.  One journal has addresses of dear friends I met my junior year at college during my year in England (some of whom I'm now friends with on facebook...thanks social networks)

And yes, on that second shelf is a Seinfeld Forever Magazine: a tribute to the entire series.  Good episode recaps, trivia and pictures. (I'm totally keeping that.) 

If you look closely you may see a nose at the top of the picture.  Apparently the cat was checking out how I put the books on the shelf. 

With another long day tomorrow, I anticipate another box of books...that and I know I need to get a dresser before unpacking another box of clothes. 

Until the next box...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

box #1

Day one - box one....

A good day. 

The labeling was fairly accurate.  This is what I found today:
a business card holder
books for home and church
3 ring binders
fun pictures - including some of me running the IU Mini a few years back :) and me & my friend jen at on frightening falls at holiday world!
trumpet music - (note to self... get my trumpet out so I'm ready to play at Easter)
my old laptop...not sure why i still carry it around, i should just remove the files i want and be done with it. from st. patty's day...and some from Loogootee basketball (gold & black basketballs)
a pile of thin red bracelets from my bachelorette bash in hartford (good times were had by all...especially the pumas)
the cd containing info about the lenten sermon series we did two years ago (The Lenten Road)
and the best part.... a mix tape :) yup, listened to it on the elliptical..(you try writing song titles on a post-it whilst apparently was made for working out (?) ...and it was apparently compiled in the mid/late 90's.

Side A-
Everybody Dance Now
Karla with a K (by the Hooters)
All Fired Up (Pat Benatar)
Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
Midnight Hour (Commitments Soundtrack)
Lumberjack Song
Friends in Low Places
Knights of the Round Table
I know what I know
The Spam Song
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Little Miss Can't be Wrong

Side B
Right Here, Right Now
Mustang Sally (Commitments)
Scenes from an Italian restaurant
Two Princes
Fighting on the same side (The Hooters)
Oh, What a night!
Junebug (B-52s)
Destination Anywhere (Commitments)
Face in a Crowd (don't know the artist...but a fun song about being in
Show me your soul
For your love

If you want a copy, send me a tape.

Until the next box...