Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Biking & Blogging

August has come and gone...and all except for day 31 did I have a beer.  A pat on the back for me...and for everyone who helped along the know who you are! 

So, on to September.  It is officially 30 Days of Biking Part 2.  So, I'll be biking everyday. 
I don't want people to think this is a cop out, so I'll also blog everyday.  (Geesh, haven't you always wanted to know what was on my mind every, single day?)

I can't guarantee amazing insights each day, but hopefully something remotely interesting will come about. 

Happy Reading!

Day 1
Just got back from a beautiful ride to the back of Boggs Lake.  It's been a while since I've been riding on a regular basis and in combination with the 90 degree heat, it was a hot ride today.  But it was great to get out.

I've been going through alot lately and am truly thankful for the oomph to get on my bike everyday as a chance to clear my head.

Since I returned from vacation I had to hit the ground running for work...which is always an emotional ride as a pastor.  One of my parishioners, my local dad, has been sick for a long time and passed away last week.  I was unaware of how much the loss of his life would impact mine.  I have been challenged to take the time to grieve for myself whilst caring for the family and the congregation as they mourn.  Time will help, but still...

On the flip side,  my personal life is wonderful!  Good things happening here, which seem to counter the grief and loss...but the two extremes have been a challenge for me to balance. 

Thanks to those who listen, read, love, and support me in all of this...

Until tomorrow.

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