Tuesday, September 14, 2010

pastor watches sons of anarchy, news at 11.

And the rides are getting better.  14 miles this morning, granted I have many more miles to add, I pushed harder today and it felt great!  While the days this week have been in the upper 80s the mornings have been perfect for riding.  It gives me hope for the next few weeks and longer rides...

So, I'm sitting here, watching Sons of Anarchy, checking my email...and now blogging...and I get the following in an email.  "I'm looking to meet someone a little less devoted to church...wow, I hope that doesn't sound as bad as it appears." 
Well, it doesn't sound that bad.  Perhaps I am a little devoted to church.  Well, it is my job...and my faith...and a big part of my life.  I just think that there is more to me than just my role as pastor.  I am called to ordained ministry, even though it took me a while to hear that call and respond to it.  I just think that that is part of who I am in the real world, too...but not all of who I am.  I mean I'm not out there bashing people over the head with a Bible...but my faith life is who I am.  Last week at the bar someone said, "You're a pastor and you watch (It's Always) Sunny...you're well rounded."  I know I'm well rounded...and am one sassy preacher...I just wish people could take the time to get to know that about me. 

It's that continual struggle...knowing that I do not *need* someone to be with me or to make me 'complete'. I just believe that God calls us to be in relationships.   But as my dear friend asked me this evening, why are these relationships so difficult?!?!  Well, good question.  I know I need to learn patience...and apparently these things happen when you're not looking, or when you least expect it. 

Ah...another part of my life is out of my hands.  That's nothing new, I just need to remember to let go.  Give it up to God and not try to achieve or reach for things that I think will complete me according to my plan.  Much easier said than done.  For those of you in a similar struggle, know that you're not alone. 

Until tomorrow...

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