Friday, September 10, 2010

Butt Drugs

I need to wear my I heart Butt Drugs shirt more often.  It was perfect with a pair of jeans for this afternoon's ride.  I was a little tuckered out today...late night, early morning and a funeral to attend. 

After that I stomped around the local thrift shops and now have a new set of dishes :) 

 And then it was an impromptu visit to my friend G's house...which included a new set of clothes, a pile of records...and yes...a record player.  (score)  Now I need a shirt that says, I heart vinyl.  I told three people about thought it was great and the other two just kind of gave me silly looks...apparently vinyl isn't the latest thing...but it's one of the greats.  Now I need a place to store my albums.  I am enjoying the crackle that goes along with American in Paris. 

Looking forward to a tasty supper of pizza with a side of Oliver Shiraz & a movie.  I don't think the picture does it justice.  A homemade crust with homemade sauce, sauteed onions, peppers & mushrooms.  Topped as it came out of the oven with basil from the garden. 

Oh, I suppose I should give credit where credit is due for the whole Butt Drugs thing.  It is a locally owned and operated drug store in Historic Corydon, Indiana.  Here's a link to a video that they made...I guess they are truly claiming the name. 

You Tube Butt Drug Commercial

If you're ever in the area, you should totally stop in.  Free parking, in the rear.

Until tomorrow...

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