Monday, September 6, 2010


I did lots of riding today, only a tiny bit on the bike, though.

Most of the riding was at Holiday World with my good friend, Jen. We always enjoy checking out the body piercings and body art...We rode a boatload of water rides. The best part was Pilgrim's Plunge, as we went down the 131 foot drop at a 45 degree angle...I did it with my arms in the air. A first for me. I often talk about the movement of the Holy Spirit and I use roller coaster imagery. How we don't know where the Spirit is going to take us, and it may take us places we do not want to go, but we shouldn't fight it. We should just let go and enjoy the ride. I suppose I've been using that image unfairly, as I normally hang on tight during the drops and turns. Well, not today. I just let go. And normally, I hold my breath on the drops. Well, not today...the arms were up with a scream of was freeing, energizing. I was able to let go on so many levels.

Many of the rest of the rides we were actually required to hold on...but that's okay too, since we were in the dark for some and backwards for others. So a great big thanks to Jen who helped me 'let go' of emotional stuff, trying to change the past, and concerns about the future. (Well, at least for a day)

My bike ride was a short one. I rode to the post office. Yes, I know it is around the corner from my house. I did ride around the block once before getting there. And yes, I'm aware it is a holiday, but I had to check the church box.

The day at the theme park for someone who fears steep drops, enclosed areas, and isn't the biggest fan of big crowds, was exhausting. But it was truly a sabbath break from work - for body, mind and soul :)

Ready for a cold beverage and adventuring (in my recliner) with No Reservations.

Until tomorrow...

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