Sunday, September 5, 2010


What an interesting day.

First of all, I'm two for two for sleeping through the night. You'd think I was a newborn...With the AC off and the windows open, it was almost too chilly to get out from under the covers.

The chill in the air also meant riding in leggings and a fleece - I love fall! The sun was up while I was on my second 6 mile loop before church. I love how the landscape changes as the sun comes up. And in the early morning the cows just watch you pass by, while they chew their breakfast or their cud.

While I wasn't too ecstatic about my sermon for today, I went off script at the end and that seemed to bring it together for me. I was able to talk about the abundance of God's gifts in our lives with the example of all the people who had supported a family this past week as they lost a loved one. I sometimes forget that we need to point out and name God in the actions we see everyday. God has been and continues to be present in our everyday lives, it just takes an extra effort to name it.

The reclaiming of the house continued today as the kitchen was tackled.

I also have taken to playing Ambush with my cat, Marley.
She runs at me and lunges at my leg....and I chase her. Then I sneak around the house to surprise her. I got her to do the scary cat thing (hunched back & puffy tail) once and she made me scream once.
The score at the end of this round: Jen 1, Marley 1.

And speaking of cats: This made me laugh out loud and sing:

Until tomorrow...

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