Thursday, September 23, 2010

to vest or not to vest

At least today's ride was outside.  It was running errands around town before the temp reached 95.  It was tough, because sleep has been my friend lately.  The best sleep being just before the alarm goes off as well as the 9 minutes I get between each slam of the snooze button.  So, when you get up at 8 and have some coffee and surf the interwebs for a bit, by 9am it's already 80 degrees and rising.  I guess that's fall in southern Indiana.  It's going to be another straight from summer to winter years...ugh.  Oh how I miss fall in New England, the cooler days, the crisp nights and the beautiful leaves. 

I did get my sermon written this morning a bonus, since tomorrow is my day off and Saturday we have a Work/Clean-up Day at church.  My Sunday morning specials are often a hit, but I panic when the alarm goes of at 5am on Sunday and think oh crap...need to finish that sermon. 

On my nursing home visit today I chatted with the community choir director.  The group is called the Marco Singers.  (Not an ethnic group at all...just the singers in Martin County.) Rehearsals have begun for our Christmas Cantata.  I have a solo, but can't remember the name of the program.  Usually, we dress in red tops and black pants to look all Christmasy.   Since we'll be singing lots of carols, the director thought it would be fun & cute to dress as carolers.  She found and nearly ordered the following vests:

She was on the phone with the order person and said, I don't know how to ask you this...but does that have .... umm.... cleavage?  And the clerk said, you bet it does!  And the director replied...we sing in churches!!!!

Needless to say, we are still working on our outfits.  Have I told you how much I love small town America? I think we'd get a good crowd if we did wear the vests, I'm just sayin...

Until tomorrow...

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