Saturday, September 25, 2010

what's in the bag?

After a morning of church landscaping & clean up, I had a great 17 mile ride, despite the wind.  And again, when in the midst of the cornfields, I am fine talking to myself.  When I hit town, however, people look at me funny when I seem to be in the midst of a conversation.  (Must work on that.)

I did enjoy the Hog Roast this evening.  To recap, I went with two older couples from church. 

We began with a few Budlights straight from the keg...while they are far from my favorite, they did help wash down the bbq pork bits, sliced bbq pork, marinated turkey, beans, mac & cheese, slaw, potato salad & deviled egg.  Not to mention the pudding dessert, cherry delight & an itallian wedding cookie. 

As we were eating a fellow joined us at the table.  He had a small brown paper bag with him.  Everyone at the table was curious.  I just figured it was moonshine.  So we asked, what's in the bag? 
He pointed at his budlight and said something to make this drinkable. 
Still perplexed, we waited for him to open the bag...and when he did, it contained a bottle of Guinness.  I've never really thought about adding it to Budlight from a keg, but apparently it ups the drinkability. 

Later on, sitting around the bonfire, the same fellow, returned to share a fancy schmany tequilla.  He said it was $100 a bottle.  He offered sips to the folks I was with, and they asked if I could try it.  He said, sure.  It was darn good tequilla, very smooth.  I introduced myself & said I liked tequilla, he handed me the cup and said, here.  It was a red beer pong/flip cup filled about 1/4 full.  It made for a relaxing evening.  And then the jello shots arrived... For the record, I was not the one swearing in the truck on the way home, nor did I try to open the truck door with the window switch. 

A good night's sleep awaits. 

Until tomorrow...

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