Friday, September 24, 2010

$40 a Day

With 6 dollars in my pocket I return home from an interesting adventure to Bloomington. 

The original plan was to head there for a doctor's appointment, a bike ride, lunch and some errands.  That was slightly changed when I realized that my credit card was still at home...where I put it after coming home last night from a night of German food and Polka dancing.  A wonderful evening brought to you by the Rathskeller in Indy and the soothing(?) better yet, rocking, sounds of Brave Combo.  You knew it was going to be a great show when on stage before the show you saw a drum set, guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet & coronet, washboard and two accordions (one being a sparkly blue, bought on sale.)  Jen and I danced a bit and realized we could waltz as an older gentleman danced with each of us during the night.  (For the record, I feel the dancing in my abs today each time I sneeze.)

Needless to say, about halfway to Bloomington today I realized I was without the credit I guess I'll get new sheets next weekend :( 

I had $40 cash and a 1/2 tank of gas...let the adventure begin.
Bonus that I do not have a co-pay at the doctor.

I did remember to take my bike, but not my sneakers...needless to say, I only rode on the paved part of the bike trail.  I think that a dirt trail in flip flops would have been an accident waiting to happen, and I would have missed lunch with my good buds.  

Lunch was at Scholars Inn Bakehouse with Jen & Eric...I love the lox bagel is my favorite.  I know I should try new things...but today was a comfort food day.  Now down $11, needed to figure out how the rest of the day would work.  I had planned on getting ingredients for the chicken gnocchi soup I had last week, but nixed that idea and got Aver's take and bake pizza for supper tonight, instead.  (The house smells awesome right now.) Another $14 spent. (& $1 that I put in the local food pantry donation box.)

$14 left in hand...thinking I should save $10 for gas, just in case...

But I got distracted on the way home by the thrift shop.  I spent $3 on albums by Simon & Garfunkel, Queen, Three Dog Night, and a compilation 2 album collection of rock hits. 

I stopped at the gas station and realized that the light was not on, and just $5 would get me back home safe & sound. Which it did, so now I'm going to go put my credit card back in my wallet & have some pizza for supper...and maybe walk to DQ and splurge on a medium size blizzard!  We'll see.

Until tomorrow...

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