Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a new friend

"Guess what?" Is something I always ask one of my which she met someone!!!!  (She is always eager for me to be dating someone. I think deep down there is a hope that I will get married and stay in Loogootee forever...)
But seriously, I should have asked that parishioner that question today, because, yes I did meet someone.  Not a dating prospect, but someone who likes to ride.  On part of my 20 mile ride this morning, a motorcycle passed and the rider gave a wave.  I thought, oh, that's nice.  Later in my ride, I hear a vehicle slowing up behind me, which when I do not see any oncoming traffic, I get nervous...I turn and it's the guy on the motorcycle.

We chat for a while about riding and the Hilly Hundred (he and his girlfriend are riding this year).  I tell him I know I'll be ready for it, but I'm not going to race it.  He shares his experience from the first year, that he took off racing through the first day and most of the second.  He got to the final SAG stop and had some chicken and started listening to the live music and he realized, man, I've done this all wrong...Since then, he's done the course at a more relaxed pace.  Nice guy...he passed me one more time...asked how  far I was going and seemed impressed at my distance.  Now I'm thinking, small town...I've definitely been on rides where I've seen the same vehicle several times...but woah, I wish I had the job (retirement?) where I could just ride my motorcycle in and around town for a few hours on a beautiful Wednesday morning.

So yesterday I was thinking about patience....and today I visited a woman in the hospital who fell off a ladder last week.  She shattered one heel, broke the other and has one broken wrist.  She won't be walking until at least one heel heals.  She said, maybe this is to teach me patience...huh, I said, something I need to learn too. I can't imagine

Thanks God, for examples today of where you are in the presence of people's lives.  Thanks, too, for the reminder that life is a long journey....with ups and downs, just like today's ride, where some days I'll be the one wearing or eating the bugs...and other days I'll be the bug.  Where sometimes I just completely feel and share God's grace with others...and days I think I know who should and shouldn't get it.  Well, that's me - simultaneously sinner & saint. 

Oh...I finished a crazy psychological thriller today, The Doctor's Wife by Elizabeth Brundage. fact, I didn't ride this morning until after I finished it.  I forgot how much I loved to read....I guess I'll be hitting the stacks of books I've owned but just haven't read.  Next up, a read and pass on copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  If you want it next, let me know.

Until tomorrow...

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