Sunday, September 12, 2010

Surprises around every corner...

It was my first protein ride of the season.  The sunglasses kept the bugs out of my eyes but I should ride with my mouth closed because I dislike bugs in my teeth.  I did get some enthusiastic waves from people I did not know.  But it's a small town, so they're all friendly, right?  Maybe they read last month's article in the paper about the pastor who rides her bike around town and that's how they know me.  Oh, and I saw a sweet sun dog. :)

Rally Day went well this morning.  Teachers were installed and the kiddos had fun searching the sanctuary for the lost pez dispenser.  Good times.  Heard a wonderful Temple Talk about stewardship from one of our high school youth.  She shared how the church had given to her through different experiences through the generosity of members of the congregation.  It was a wonderful talk: heartfelt and well-spoken.  I love the little blessings that God graces us with.

This afternoon was too much fun.  Attending the demolition derby at the local Turkey Trot Festival in Montgomery.  I'm a bit sunburnt...but had a blast playing Redneck Bingo with my friend. 
I think you need to get 5 in a row.  These are the spaces we covered:

1) Mullet: This was like a rat tail gone awry.
2) Mother of the Year: She had the stroller next to the fence at the derby, smoking a cigarette, and changing his diaper on the lawn in front of the bleachers.
3) Physical Contact: We got hit with chunks of dirt from the derby.
4) Physical Contact Part 2: My friend was kissed on the cheek by a drunk guy at 3 in the afternoon. (His beer was in a koozy...does that count for 2 spaces?)
5) I guess we could go with a free space, BUT, I think the final space goes to knowing some of the derby drivers...the car was 9 Toe...driven by a man with, you guessed it, 9 Toes.  (Lawnmower accident, true story...I heard it while looking at the 9 remaining toes one day....)


That win, mind you, does not include the Jumbo Corn Dogs that we each got at the end of the day.  Covering the mandatory 'fat food' eating.  It was a dog and a half, hand dipped!

I don't think this picture does it justice.  It was huge. 

I'm not excited about the sunburn...but it's just one more way to remember this stellar day.

Until tomorrow...

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