Tuesday, September 21, 2010

last day of summer...

It was a late night, so I slept in this morning....unfortunately I missed the coolest part of the day for the ride.  So I enjoyed an easy 5 miles in 95 degrees this afternoon.  You know it's hot when the ice in your water bottle melts in less than 15 minutes....  I will ride first thing tomorrow.  Apparently we're having a heatwave.  Just a few more days in the 90s, then it may cool down.  I bought a new pump for the tires today...the brand is Joe Blow. (You can't make this stuff up.) Needless to say it was a smooth ride as the tires were perfectly full. 

I always enjoy a good lunch followed by text study with my colleagues.  One of our topics of discussion was about the upcoming Hilly Hundred Ride.  There is a costume contest as part of the ride.  So, I'm accepting suggestions for a bike friendly costume for the ride. 
Things to keep in mind:
I'm riding a road bike for 2 days.
I will be wearing a helmet. 
Beware the chain and gears.

Here are some suggestions from lunch:
Mrs. Gulch (from the Wizard of Oz)
Any Harry Potter character on a broom playing Quidditch. 
Elliot - from ET - all I need is a red hoodie, and an ET to put in a basket on the front of my bike. (I think there is one at my parent's house, ET that is...I've already got the red hoodie)
A Skunk....so I could have dry ice giving off spray :)
Wearing a sympathy belly and a shirt that says 'Have you seen my daddy?'

I have not decided on an outfit yet...all suggestions are welcome. 

In other news, this season of Glee is already rockin.  and Sons of Anarchy...kicked butt with a cameo by Stephen King...who 'took care of the body'.  :)

Until tomorrow...

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