Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Great 17 mile ride this afternoon with a few hills that my quads helpfully assisted me with.  They did remind me, however, about yesterday's hills. 

All hills aside, I was passed super closely by two different vehicles today.  One while going around a turn.  I mean, I could have reached out and hit the back of the SUV mid turn. I tried not to tap on the the SUV as I passed it while it was waiting to turn a block later.
The other close call was when the vehicle behind me felt it was necessary to pass even with a car coming upon us from the other direction.  Luckily the road was wide enough. 

Here's the thing though...both of those passes happened in town, on local tiny-ish roads....what's the rush drivers?  Hello?  Really, you need to pass right there and then?  Because when I'm riding on State Highway 50 or 231, the big trucks pass by in the opposite lane...they give so much space, or yield until they can...yet small town, folks who probably have seen me in the grocery store...they're the one's that nearly sideswipe me.  Geesh.  And that's why I wear my helmet...and remain even more alert on the smaller roads. 

Okay, bikermosity rant over. 

I'll save my "Hey, runner...I ride with the traffic and you're supposed to run against it" rant for another day. 

Until tomorrow...

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