Wednesday, September 29, 2010

being aware of what's really going on...

One more day in the month...and I still do not know what my next 30 days will be. If you have any suggestions, I'm open. 

Had a nice & easy 6 mile ride today.  It was a beautiful afternoon, fall has finally come to Indiana. 

I enjoyed a lovely walk after the ride with someone from church.  Of course our conversation led to stewardship & finances and wondering how to let people know what's going on in our congregation. 
I think we need to be more of a presence in the community, but wonder how to jump on board on things already going on...a conversation that will continue, but in the meantime we realized that the community is aware of our presence.

As I sat in my office today, two folks were trimming shrubs & adding mulch around the church and parsonage.  The local florist owner drove by and said, "Wow! It looks great! I can tell that you all love your church because of all that you do!"  The folks said, "Yes, we do.  Thanks!

This past Saturday we had a clean up day and a woman who has been a return visitor on Sunday mornings came to help out.  We kept thanking her profusely for giving her time and talents that day and she said, "Well, I like a church that does more stuff than just Sundays."

I guess people are noticing what God's doing with us and through us in our community.  Maybe it just takes time to see these things happen and help point them out to those around us.  Baby steps.

Until tomorrow...

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