Monday, September 27, 2010

don't go back to rockville

Waste another year...

Today's ride was from Turkey Run State Park to good ol' Rockville.  (Rockville, Indiana, that is...not Rockville, home of the Marching Ram Band, Connecticut.)  It was a good ride.  Some nice straightaways with some nice hills in between.  The ride to Rockville, even with the hills seemed pretty smooth, and when I turned around I realized why.  The return trip the wind was no longer at my back.  Geesh....the straightaways were no longer as nice.  I had forgotten how challenging the wind could be.  Today was a good reminder. 

It was fun riding through Rockville.  I smiled as I passed Rockville Lanes.  I wonder if Rockville, Maryland has a bowling alley with the same name, too. 

I was singing the REM song the whole way through town, to myself of course, because I was already getting interesting looks from the townies.  You think REM has got it right?  I mean, going back?  To me, it's going back to my hometown, which no doubt, helped me shape me into who I am today, but I'm not so sure about going back.  Each time I visit, it is just that.  I love spending time with my family, but I don't have a sense that it is my home any longer.  (That will probably put my parent's at ease, that I'm not moving back in.)  But it's an interesting feeling.  I'm a hoosier now. (wierd, but true.) 
I'm thankful for the friends I've made, for the life transitions I've been through and for those who continue to surround and love me. 

Until tomorrow...

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