Monday, August 23, 2010

Long time, no blog.

Apparently vacation can really cut into your blogging time...or effort, in my case. 
It was wonderful to get away, to see family and friends, and just as wonderful to come home. 

So now the challenge is to see if I can recall the past two weeks of beer drinking. 

Day 7: The first day in Maine.  Great to see family that I have not seen in a long time.  I celebrated with several different varieties of Farmington River Brewing Company...perhaps the Blonde or Mahogany Ales...several were consumed as burgers and dogs were eaten...and folks reconnected. 

Day 8: Our first trip to the Parent's House on the 'actual' lake.  I quite enjoyed a glass, okay red plastic cup, of either 10 Penny or Dirty Penny Ale from The Olde Burnside Brewing Company found in East Hartford, CT.  Thanks, Klaus for bringing the growlers.  Find more about the Penny Ales here:

Day 9: If memory serves correctly...I may have been sipping some sort of Light Beer Substance out of a silver can, when Helen yelled at me to dump it out. 
She definitely served up some tasty Honey Moon from Blue Moon Brewing Co.  Tasty delicious when consumed in a tube on a lake. 

Day 10: Anne and I were sneaky and headed into town to find us some lobstah rolls.  Thery were not exactly what we were looking for, so she grilled up some rolls back at the house...and vacation had truly begun.  The roll was perfectly paired with a Shipyard Summer Ale and some Cape Cod Chips.  (Totally happy to be in New England)

Day 11: Lobstah Day!
A plate full of steamers, freshly picked corn and a 1/5 lb lobstah...and we'll call it a day. 
Not to mention, we enjoyed dining on the deck and a few tasty Long Trail Blackberry Wheats.  (Thanks Elle, Kay)

Day 12: Lunch at Rick's Cafe in Naples, ME.
A tasty clam roll with a Black & Blue.  1/2 Guinness and 1/2 Sea Dog Blue Paw Wheat.  Yum!

Day 13: Thanks to the Cooking With Beer recipe book from my friend Jen....dinner was Jambalaya with Long Trail Ale.   Basically it was a box mix with sweet sausage, portabello mushrooms, chorizo, and shrimp...and when they asked for water... I just used beer.  For those who enjoy was quite the tasty dish. 

Day 14: Traveling from Maine to Connecticut...and that means lunch in Portsmouth, NH at the Friendly Toast!!!  It had been forever since I'd been there, but luckily my good bud Heidi, who I knew in elementary school (good ol' MSS) was in the mood for breakfast for lunch. 
Between the french toast, home fries and smoked salmon benedict...we needed something to drink, so we both had freshly pulled Guinnesses.  :)  And fun shopping with silly glasses, fake poo, and wonderful conversation. 

Day 15: Back in Connecticut enjoying a Blue Beery Ale from Portsmouth Brewery.  O, how many memories sprung back up walking through Portsmouth and the brew was super delicious. 

Day 16: Down and over to Long Island.  Time with the ol' 206-ers.  After a stroll at Jones Beach, Steph and I headed back to her place for brews, yummy supper, Glee and can you go wrong? 
We started off with a Chimay ol' fave from Monks in Philly.  The evening was finished off with a Three Philosophers Quadrupel.  Oh. My. Heavens.  Best brew yet.

Day 17: A visit to Lebanon, PA.  Staying at the fine B&B, home of Andy & Alissa and a special visit from Am and Virginia.  This visit was perfect with a true Pennsylvania Beer... Yuengling - America's Oldest Brewery. 

Day 18: Home again in Indiana.  I brought gifts of brews from Long Island and Maine...after a sip or two from each... I was ready to crash.  Certainly a sign of a great vacation...well that and super happy to be home. :)

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  1. Good log! Did you take notes, keep a diary, or did you have enough remaining brain cells to remember all this? Just askin'... ;-)