Monday, August 2, 2010

Day One: Upland Wheat

It will be interesting to see how delayed my blog entries are...yesterday was day one of 30 days of beer, and I kicked it off with one of my favorites.  Upland Wheat from Upland Brewery in Bloomington, IN.  While I prefer it straight off the tap, or from a growler in the fridge, it is quite nice out of the bottle garnished with a slice or wedge of orange. 
Here's what the brewery has to say about it:
'Upland Wheat Ale is a classic rendition of the Belgian Witbier (white beer) style, which originated in Belgium . We brew it with organic coriander, chamomile, and orange peel to be light on the tongue and refreshingly tart. In the tradition of the Belgian Wit style, Upland Wheat Ale is unfiltered, allowing suspended yeast to create a cloudy, golden appearance and satisfying mouthfeel. Both full-bodied and easy-going, it’s no wonder that Upland Wheat Ale is the flagship beer of our brewery and the best-selling beer brewed in Indiana.'  (

Here I am sporting some of the bling that this brew has been awarded:

Looking forward to more Indiana favorites this evening...

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