Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 5: 06066

Day 5: Enjoying all Connecticut has to offer...

I made it from State College to Vernon in a little over 6 hours...I'm thankful for the great bike ride around State College that morning with Kevin, as well as the filling breakfast of Steel Cut Oats.  Honestly...there was a coffee break at Panera, where they were handing out bite sized scones...and maybe I had a twinkie...but other than that I made it on one meal.

I passed the driving time in the truck with lots of singing and playing trucker honk on I-84.  That's a challenge when you're the only one in the have to hope that trucks pass you on the left and you roll down your window and make the honking signal.  It's much easier when there are more people with you. 

Anyway...I ended the day with snacks of cheese & crackers, Klaus crafted omelets, and a salad with greens and herbs from the garden.   The ice cold Munich Style Golden Lager from Thomas Hooker Brewing Company based out of Bloomfield, CT. 

Klaus and Helen each enjoyed a Dirty Helen - from Barley Island Brewing in Noblesville, IN.  And I think Klaus even tapped into something from New Belgium Brewing as well...

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