Wednesday, November 9, 2011

today's eats

Breakfast: fried egg and two turkey sausages :)
2 cups of coffee with skim milk...and a successful walk to work with the new ceramic travel mug.

Mid-morning snack: cheese stick

Lunch: with colleagues at a local restaurant....I went with the large chopped salad with grilled chicken.  I picked off the potato sticks...but didn't weed out the shredded carrot bits....

Dinner: Leftover chicken mole w/refried beans :)  and a snapple peach diet iced tea.

I went snack free at the Hershey Bears Hockey Game.....the toughest thing to pass: dessert nachos.  (just have to wait until next time)

I should add that the past few days I've also been passing the time with sugar free halls vitamin C soothe the throat and get the extra C. 

And now a cup of sleepy time I even need it.

Until tomorrow . . .

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