Wednesday, November 30, 2011

advent fellowship night #1

Every Wednesday evening in Advent we have Fellowship nights at church. 
This evening the social hall was brimming with over a hundred people...we eat soup, bread and desserts.  Then we take part in some sort of a craft.  Tonight folks painted little ceramic Christmas bulbs. 

At the end of the evening, we gather in the sanctuary for Advent Vespers. 
What a wonderful evening.  So many people...relationships being built, meals being shared...and families taking time to be family together....and the church family coming together to eat, be together, and worship together. 

I'm thankful that the bread I made yesterday was enjoyed this evening...I had a slice myself and it was delish. 

There's more dough in the fridge so I sense another loaf in the future...not to mention a parishioner gave me a bottle of wine this fresh bread, red wine.....and something else will make for a tasty dinner on Friday. 

In the meantime, I enjoyed a bowl of sausage something soup with my bread this evening. 
Lunch was tasty venison pot roast & veggies :)
Mid-morning snack: sugar-free, fat free vanilla latte and some almonds
Breakfast: Fried egg w/2 turkey sausage links with 2 coffees.  Well, 1 1/2 I was getting ready to leave I put my coffee down somewhere...I found it this evening when I was putting away my coat.  (oops) Apparently I put it down when I took my coat out this morning. 

And now...some tea and an episode of Arrested Development. 

Until tomorrow . . . and a trip to Hershey for dinner & a show...and definitely some chocolate.

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