Thursday, November 3, 2011

loved dinner, then read the ingredients...

Breakfast: Earl Grey tea with skim milk and Splenda
A tasty egg scramble with pork, green peppers, and mozzarella cheese :)

Lunch was more tasty chili and crystal light raspberry iced tea.

An afternoon snack of some string cheese. (i love me some string cheese)

I enjoyed an outing to the local farm stand...they still have cauliflower bigger than my there will be soup tomorrow.  Then to the local bargain grocery and picked up some tasty stuff.  I do have to admit that I bought a peppermint stick log thing from Friendlys :) It'll be a special treat for the holidays.  I should admit here and now that I love peppermint stick ice cream.  It's a new found favorite of mine...and I have a tendency to forget about it come December...being busy with Advent and when I found the peppermint stick log I picked it right up.  It's in the downstairs freezer with another gallon of peppermint stick that I found a while back at the same discount store.  I tried to hide it under the fat free greek yogurt.  ;)

Dinner tonight was super delicious.  I got whole foods hummus, and had some celery and peppers with hummus as an app....while the falafel mix began to set (no sugar in the mix, I might add.)
I was so excited for the I started making them...then diced up some cucumber & mixed it into the plain greek yogurt, put it all on some lettuce and topped with with some hummus. 
(the picture doesn't capture the flavor)

I was enjoying this tasty dinner as I read the ingredients to the falafel mix.  Right after garbanzo beans came whole wheat flour.  (Oops!) I completely didn't see that as I picked up two packets of this stuff at the store.  I wonder if that's why they tasted so good...the flour.  Oh well, for a cheat day that was pretty lame.  I didn't have one cookie after tonight's meeting.  I am looking forward to leftovers tomorrow. 

And I'm getting used to herbal tea as I blog.  A fine way to end the day.

Until tomorrow . . .

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