Monday, November 7, 2011

sick day

So I've been battling a cold over the weekend and today it's gotten the better of me.

I did get on the scale first thing today: 153.8
So, I lost some weight last week.... :) 

The sad thing is that today was not a good eating day. 

I had a few cups of coffee with skim milk alongside two fried eggs and two pieces of bacon at breakfast bible study. 

Followed by a cup of herbal tea.  And a stellar 2 hour nap. 

In between episodes of Buffy I sipped on 16 oz of sugar free grape Kool-aid....the only thing that really tastes good right now. (How weird is that?) 

I my tummy has been growling, so I sauteed up a chicken breast (seasoned with Adobo) and some the last minute I added a splash of water and some broccoli spears and to steam. 
I am proud to say I ate the whole thing with some mozzarella cheese melted over the top. 
Now with a full belly, and another tall glass of the grape stuff next to me I can take my night time meds.  (I didn't think taking them on an empty stomach would be a good thing.) 

I'll let you know tomorrow if I eat anything else.  I will have some tea and perhaps some sugar free hot chocolate if I need something sweet-ish. 

Until tomorrow . . .

ps.  Marley has been a great napping buddy today.  I just couldn't get her to make dinner....

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