Friday, November 11, 2011

a 2-fer

Breakfast: 2 coffees with skim milk, fried egg with two turkey sausages link
Lunch: large salad w/ cukes, peppers, sweet balogna, mozzarella and italian dressing
Snack: celery stalk with natural peanut butter
Dinner: This was the challenge...out to dinner with folks from church.  Dinner and a show is their thank you to the pastoral staff.  We headed out to an Italian Restaurant...and I had thought I would end up with a big salad of some sort, but instead had a side salad alongside grilled salmon topped with artichokes and spinach in garlic olive oil.....and the veggies of the day (cauliflower, broccoli and summer squash) definitely in butter...but that's okay.  I did pass on the slice of ice cream cake that everyone else enjoyed for an anniversary celebration within the group.  I had some coffee with splenda. 

In other news...A Christmas Story: The musical!  Is pretty good.  I enjoyed it more than the movie, actually.  It's a great adaptation from the book. 

I did treat myself to a sugar-free hot chocolate when I got home to meet the needs of my sweet truth. 

Fried egg and a turkey sausage link....and two cups of coffee with skim milk. 

After fighting this cold for way too long, I was truly thankful for the opportunity to walk with a dear friend of mine.  We were both in need of fresh air, a good walk and great conversation. 
Another highlight from today was a positive shopping experience.  A few new pairs of pants, tops and a new pair of shoes were in order.  The two scarves and earrings were a fun treat to myself...for working really hard with running and exercising over the summer and fall...and for sticking to phase one of south beach.  I should say that my sister recommended taking a trip to South Beach when I hit my goal....of eating healthy/weight loss.  I like that idea :)

Lunch was a tasty bowl of homemade chili and a diet snapple green tree.

After a new cut and color at the salon, I came home to make a new tasty dinner.
Chicken Capri: Chicken breasts....pan seared then put in a baking dish, topped with part-skim ricotta (seasoned with oregano & basil, salt & pepper) then covered in some crushed tomatoes and covered with a slice of mozzarella cheese. Then baked fro 20 minutes or so until the chicken is completely done and the cheese looks melty.  It was yummy with a side of steamed broccoli. 

I'm thinking there will be a cup of sugar free hot chocolate soon....

and perhaps some veggies and dip....

Until tomorrow . . .

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