Friday, November 4, 2011

late night snack.

A long day....
A quick hospital visit meant breakfast on the run. Luckily I had a hard-boiled egg....and I grabbed it, not one of the 8 raw ones (phew) and a cup of coffee with skim milk.  Had I been really thinking I would have grabbed a cheese stick, too, for the walking woman's omelette.

Lunch was at church for the funeral dinner.  Woah...Berks County does carbs and does carbs really well.  So, I had beans.  And a hot tea with Splenda.  (No potatoes with cheese, pasta with cheese or corn.  And absolutely no desserts.) 

A snack of a cheese stick later followed by some freshly made cauliflower soup.  Super simple and quite tasty. 

Dinner was some leftover falafels with greek yogurt.  I had just a pepper slice at a party this evening, because I ate first and passed on the snackables. 

At the end of 5th Quarter I came home for some sugar-free hot chocolate and some string cheese.
And now for bed...

Until tomorrow. . .

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